MIC: Nearly 50% of smartphones sell for under $300 in 2016

The MIC has released the communications industry survey report a few days ago. It is estimated that in 2011, global LTE users will reach 7 million. By 2015, under the trend of TDD-LTE promoted by FDD-LTE in Europe and the United States, and promoted by China,

Samsung shows flexible transparent tablet

According to the report of the American Physicist Organizations Network on December 5, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in a recently released concept video showed a transparent, flexible tablet PC with an active-matrix organic light-emitting

Intel Discontinues 5 Series Chipsets

Intel Discontinues 5 Series Chipsets We have previously reported that Intel discontinued production of some LGA 775 and LGA 1156 processors, but will continue to produce a few models of the

LME Copper Falls One Month Low

Through Singapore, November 24th - The futures price of copper rose on Thursday, away from the one-month low touched earlier, but the global economic downturn has limited the upward trend, and prices have fallen for the fourth consecutive week this week.

The three major aspects of future LED lighting R&D technology

As outdoor applications, high-power LED lamps not only have to solve the problems of uniformity and brightness, but also have certain requirements in terms of light distribution. That is, the coverage area should be large enough and the light can be stretched

What is new in ios5

What is new in ios5 The most important point of IOS5 is to focus more on cloud computing services (ie Apple's iCloud), including location services like music storage and finding family