The birth of domestic self-owned intellectual property rights server

The reporter learned from Dawning Company on the 14th that under the special support of the “863” plan and “Nuclear High Base”, Shuguang Company successfully developed a fully-owned intellectual property server based on the domestic God

Magnetic sensor for automotive motor market or new growth point

According to IHSiSuppli's magnetic sensor special report, the use of silicon magnetic sensors in automotive motors will grow rapidly due to improved vehicle safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency. Sales in this market will increase by nearly 40% in 2012.

High frequency electronic test transformer will go from here

The development direction of high-frequency electronic test transformers, the biggest characteristic of high-frequency electronic test transformers is high frequency. From the working principle of the transformer, increasing the operating frequency can reduce

ARM Wu Xiong: Three Development Trends in Semiconductor Industry

As we all know, 2011 is the post-PC era. In March, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the post-PC era. The entire electronics industry, especially the semiconductor industry, saw the post-PC era driven by mobile computing through the mobile