Entrepreneur Xu Zhensen’s "lights" illuminate the road to Ming Fu

Before the junior high school, Xu Zhensen had never used electric lights at home. Today, he hopes his lamp can illuminate the whole world. Xu Zhensen’s lighting application center in Shanghai is brightly lit every night, but the electricity cost per night for this 7-story building is only 15 yuan. According to the "Market" report, in Caoyang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, there is a gray building that looks very inconspicuous during the day, but it shines at night. As long as you pass by here after dark, people will be unforgettable. Here is the Yinghui Lighting Application Center. Its owner, Xu Zhensen, a young man who digs the road and sells hard work more than 20 years ago, has become the only listed company in Hong Kong to be a listed company engaged in the design, production and sale of home and commercial lighting products. The company's annual turnover is over 100 million US dollars, and its products are spread all over the world. Xu Zhensen, who loves the bitter children and peasants, is poor from a small family. Therefore, he graduated from junior high school and dropped out of school to make a living. Xu Zhensen, who digs the road and sells hard work, has great ambitions. He did not give up studying because of poverty. From a small love, he worked half-time and half-read, using the earned money to learn electrical maintenance knowledge. Hard work does not bear the pains of people. Not long after, he developed a new product - a light-controlled energy-saving switch. He sold it together with the luminaires, and did not expect the performance to be surprisingly good. Coincidentally, his friend contacted a one-way export business of lighting in the Middle East. Xu Zhensen seized the opportunity and found his first bucket of gold. Since then, he has also formed an indissoluble bond with lighting. Xu Zhensen, who loves to ponder, does anything surprisingly true. When Xu Zhensen used the lights, he always thought about how to save electricity. Those buildings that were brightly lit after dark, he always looked so glaring, Xu Zhensen looked distressed. He observed the market, and no company that does lighting is teaching people how to save electricity. He thought that this matter would be done by me, and the blank spots in the market must contain business opportunities. Considering the lighting layout from the open space Xu Zhensen realized that the lighting layout should be a step ahead, that is, when a building is still empty, you should consider the lighting layout and budget. He began asking salespeople to get involved in the lighting layout when the project started. Xu Zhensen said: "I used to renovate the lighting layout of a hotel for a hotel, while creating better lighting effects, they can save them 150,000 yuan per month." And if you consider the lighting layout from the open space, you can More money. Established lighting application center Xu Zhensen has done statistics, found that more than half of the customers who buy lights are brought by designers, and many designers have a lack of lighting knowledge, so they can not be a staff member. Can there be a place where designers and customers can learn and grow their knowledge of lighting to better apply lighting solutions to life? Xu Zhensen then came up with the idea of ​​establishing a lighting application center. Not long ago, the Yinghui Lighting Application Center in Shanghai officially opened and was free to the public. The center features a display area for various products, a light contrast area, a lighting museum and a designer club. "It's not that spending more money will make the building light up. We just want to tell everyone that beautiful nights and lights can save money as well." Xu Zhensen does not seem to be eager to make money. The center's visits and lectures are free. But the discerning eye can see the business prospects of Yinghui Lighting, and Xu Zhensen is equally real in making money.


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