Exploration and practice standards for the construction of urban lighting night scenes

The night view of the city lights is a demonstration of the city's taste and a reflection of the city's charm. However, each city has its own different historical culture, development orientation, social function and structural characteristics. Therefore, the planning, design and construction of the urban lighting night scene must be closely combined with the characteristics of the city to create a beautiful and harmonious night scene, adding brilliance to the night of the city. In recent years, Shaowu City has explored and practiced the construction of urban lighting night scenes from three aspects. First, highlight the development orientation of the city, and establish the overall awareness of the night view of the city. The visual effect of the night view of the city lights is macroscopically based on the rationality of the overall landscape of the night view of the lights, and whether the overall layout of the night view of the lights is reasonable, the key is to see Whether it highlights the development status of the city. Shaowu is an important gateway to the northern part of Fujian. It has been known as the "Baoyi barrier iron Shaowu" since ancient times. It has a long history, Song Zexiang Li Gang, Ming poetry theorist and poet Yan Yu are all here, and there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Later, especially since the city was founded in 1983, the economy has developed rapidly and has become a new industrial city in Fujian. It is a commercial center in northwestern Yunnan and has a good space for development. According to the development orientation and structural characteristics of Shaowu City, we have determined the three types of construction framework for the overall layout of urban lighting night scenes. First, the "line type" layout focuses on the construction of urban lighting night scenes in the bustling urban streets. There are Jiefang Road, Ligang Road, Xichun Road and Wuyiji Road in the vertical direction; Bayi Road and Wusi Road in the horizontal direction. Light roads, etc., form a "line" network of urban lighting night scenes that are connected and unique. The second is the “point-type” layout. According to Shaowu’s geographical environment and urban architectural pattern, the viewing point of the night view of the lights is placed in the park and in the rest and sightseeing places. For example, Xichun Park in the western part of the city has many pavilions and pavilions, all of which are decorated with lanterns. In the east of the People's Square, corresponding to the momentum of the square, there is a large music color fountain; the road connecting Xichun Park is a walking path, along the road trees. The lush, colorful lights add an infinite amount of interest to people's leisure. The third is the “slice-type” pattern lighting scenic area around the lighting viewing lines and attractions for layout and construction. It is an important downtown area for the combination of the spot-and-light combination night view, mainly in the stadium square and Bayi Road connecting Wuyijiu Road and Ligang Road. There are many kinds of lighting settings, the layers are distinct, and they are interlaced to form a "three-dimensional" lighting landscape. Second, highlight the urban social function, establish the artistic awareness of the night view of the city, the construction of the night scene of the city, is to rationally organize the urban nighttime environment, and through the coordinated arrangement and artistic processing of various elements of the light, reproduce and be the same in another form The city's different urban world during the day is the key role of lighting art in the construction of lighting night scenes. The artistic creation of lighting night scenes must deal with three principles. One is the principle of "physical scene". The so-called "physical scene" is consistent, which means that the construction of the night scene of lighting should be consistent with the urban environmental space. The overall effect of urban lighting night scenes is realized by a local landscape. Therefore, no matter which kind of lighting landscape, it is necessary to create appropriate lighting patterns according to the functions, attributes and human environment of various local scenic spots in the city. The atmosphere enhances the artistic conception of the urban night environment and forms the basic pattern corresponding to the “object”. The basic pattern of the construction of Shaowu lighting night scene is: the administrative area reflects the majesty and solemnity, that is, the lamps are simple and generous, with a sense of the times, the lighting is simple, the light color is white; the financial and business district reflects the grandeur, the bustling and lively, the lighting night scene is elegant and elegant. One; the park tour area is romantic and warm, mostly decorated with soft lighting, people feel comfortable and comfortable; the accommodation area is quiet and comfortable, adapt to people's aesthetic needs, and strive to avoid the sense of light on people's visual sense. Second, the principle of “main and auxiliary” is consistent in determining the color of the subject in the lighting scene, and unifying the main light color and other auxiliary light colors such as the background color. This is another definition of the artistic creation of the night scene. The city function refers to the different buildings in each scenic spot. The layout of the night view of the lighting should be based on a practical understanding of the function, characteristics, environment, architectural style of the attraction, as well as the willingness and ideas of the building and the designer. Each scenic spot or scenic spot must determine a subject light color and reasonably configure the auxiliary light color, so that the theme of the city's daytime scenic spot function is fully expressed and sublimated at night. For example, Ziyun Hotel, Telecom Building, Musical Fountain Square, etc., located at the main road of Shaowu, are designed and constructed according to this concept. They have achieved the elegant lighting form and led people's vision to the art space full of thoughts. purpose. The third is the principle of "disappearing" and the principle of light art is in the light, not in the light. It can be seen that on the one hand, the importance of the position of the luminaire, on the other hand, the influence of the illuminance cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the design and construction of the lighting night scene, it is necessary to pay attention to the concealment and orderliness of the erection of the lamps, try to avoid the invisible exposure and disorder of the lamps, impact the people's vision, and affect the beauty of the city appearance during the day. At the same time, we must pay attention to the overall illuminance of light, so that the strength and weakness are stretched, the light and dark are combined and ordered, the color tone is reasonable, the level is rich, and the rhythm is sensed. Third, highlight the city's personality characteristics, establish a personalized awareness of the lighting of the night scene of the individualization has the role and effect of brand building, lost personalization, it is easy to cause a thousand uniform, thousands of people, you can not show the city's personality characteristics to the fullest, It is also impossible to trigger people's aftertaste of the lighting landscape and get the spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, in the design and construction of urban lighting night scenes, we must first understand and grasp the characteristics of the city's personality and its profound connotations, and subtly inject other relevant elements of the attraction, and then "narrative" the scenic spots through the "language" of the light. Touching stories of features. Shaowu Wuyijiu Road is a traditional trade street, with shops lined up. There are 12-meter-high single-arm curved sun lamps on both sides of the street. There are light-colored tree lights and lotus lights on the sides of the French phoenix trees. On every festival, "Starry Sky" flashes between the branches. It is not only a bustling and bustling, but also a thick history. Yingbin Road is the newly built urban area of ​​Shaowu from Fuzhou from the 316 National Road to Shaowu. The lighting landscape is solemn and welcoming, as if to welcome guests from afar. The Shaowu Bayi Bridge is an important transportation facility that communicates the north and south sides of Futun Creek in the urban area. It is 30 meters wide and is magnificent. A post-mounted magnolia lamp is installed on the bridge deck, and lanterns are placed on both sides of the bridge. When the night falls, the distant view is like a cross-fire dragon, which is pleasing to the eye and spectacular. It is highly appreciated by tourists. The exploration and practice of urban lighting nightscape construction is a new topic of municipal construction, but with the rapid development of urban construction, the exploration and practice of lighting nightscape construction will surely keep pace with the times.


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