Wire and cable inspection content

Wire and cable inspection and implementation of the "check" and "prevention based" approach. The quality inspection of wire and cable products is not limited to product quality inspection. It also includes quality inspections of various fac

The next Motorola Nokia backwaters

The next Motorola Nokia Backwaters Nokia never wants to be the next Motorola.

After a series of bad news, Nokia announced yesterday that it will lay off 3,500 people.

As p

Electric power shortages hurt people's livelihood

In September, electricity supply in Shanxi, Zhejiang, and the five southern provinces has been in rapid succession, and the coal-fired top bull market that has just been "involved" in on-grid tariffs has once again formed quickly. The second round of

Wireless charging for mobile phones is no longer a "legend"

According to the US "Science Journal" report, when our smart phone or notebook computer is running out of power, if there is no charging system around, we will be worried about the shutdown of electronic products. Now, this distress is expected to be

Haier Computer Enters South American Emerging Market

Recently, the Haier Group and the Guyana government signed a "one computer" project laptop procurement contract at the presidential palace. Guyana Jagdeo, the president of Guyana, and Yu Wenzhe, the Chinese ambassador to Guyana, attended the signing

Wifi chip market reached 3 billion in 2015

Research institute Garnter (Gu Neng) organized the "Gartner Semiconductor Global Tour Forum" today (6th). Gartner Research Director Hong Yuwei said that the overall market of the Wifi wireless netcom chip market was about 800 million units last year,