Shenzhen LED Industry Development Status Analysis Comments

As we all know, the Pearl River Delta region has always been the center of manufacturing, and it is no exception in the LED industry. There are thousands of LED companies of various sizes in the Pearl River Delta Region. They have the following common features

November polysilicon prices fell gradually

Since November, the price of polysilicon has been gradually stable. According to the price of the silicon branch, China’s polysilicon price remained at 20-23 million yuan per ton in November, down 7.5% from the average price in October. Although prices

Smart meters cannot just stay smart

Sometimes, just being smart and energy efficient is not enough to maximize benefits.

Last month, the 2010 Roots of Energy Efficiency Forum organized by the University of California, Davis was an important event. The central theme of this conference is

Saudi increases commercial power usage fees

The Saudi Electricity and Thermal Power Administration (ECRA) has approved an increase in electricity usage fees that will be implemented before the end of this fiscal year.

The old electricity tariff is calculated on the basis of the current unit amp

Israeli Ikea stops selling incandescent bulbs

Just like a rotary dial telephone, incandescent light bulbs are soon to be replaced.

Israel’s IKEA has stopped the sale of incandescent bulbs and will begin implementation on September 1. This is the first retailer in the Jewish state to stop s

HP for CEO: Hello cloud computing goodbye Lee Ai Ke

Hewlett-Packard’s recent news has always been constant, but most of them are not exciting, and they all make “one of the biggest shocks”, from abandoning WebOS to preparing for the spin-off of the PC business, to today’s HP CEO, makin

Enterprises must create their own business model

The future development of enterprises and the choice of business model will be the issues that entrepreneurs should seriously consider. Business model innovation is more important than technological innovation. Sixty percent of the world's top 500 companie

Huzhou Electric Power Propulsion Information Acquisition Coverage

On the afternoon of August 16, the Huzhou Electric Power Bureau of Zhejiang province convened the promotion meeting for the collection and use of information in the Huzhou region to deploy this work to ensure the first realization of “collection, full co