TV companies have become pessimistic

The same is the beginning of the year, and the mood of TV companies is different.

If it is described in color, the opening year in 2010 is red, high-pitched, joyful and full of hope. In the previous year, domestic color TV made use of the financial cr

Active Shutter 3D will dominate the high end

In 2010, when it became the first year of the launch of 3D TV, the battle for 3D TV technology attracted the attention of all parties with the active shutter and polarized light technology that LG Display first provoked. LG Display has thrown out a high-pitche

HTC Wildfire (G8) HTC Original · Hyun Wind Digital

The market share of Google Android system has been rising rapidly in the past two years, and there are more and more mobile phone products using this system. In addition to providing high-end business users with the flagship model EVO supporting 4G networks