Seoul Semiconductor's new P4 LED can reach 240 lumens at 1A

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Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. recently announced the successful development and launch of the world's brightest P4 LED lighting technology. The P4 requires only a single chip, emitting 240 lm (lumen) brightness at 1A (1 amp)

Construction management of road lighting project

I. Scientifically prepare the construction plan of the project

First, organize the construction drawings and related materials of the streetlight project, investigate the construction conditions of the project, determine the division of the construction process accord

Philips Nexperia car media processor

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Philips Electronics today officially announced the PNX9106, the first product in its NexperiaTM automotive media processor family. The PNX9106 is a highly integrated device that includes an ARM core and a dedicated audi

Chinese lamp industry has been in the storm for 20 years

Interviewee: Deputy Secretary-General of China Lighting Association, Dou Linping Reporter: Hello Secretary Dou, you are an expert in the lighting industry, working in this area for a long time, so I understand very well that our column is very concern

Guangzhou Xiehe Senior Middle School Lighting and Audio Purchasing

The Guangzhou Municipal Government Procurement Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Procurement Center”) is entrusted by Guangzhou Association and the High School (hereinafter referred to as “the purchaser”) to conduct publi

Sony Announces Launch of OLED TV Development in 2012

According to Japanese media reports, Sony recently announced that the company will launch OLED TV R&D projects next year and plans to launch TV products involving OLED and naked-eye 3D technology in the next three to four years.

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