Effect of first-order PMD on signal spectrum

1 Introduction

With the effective compensation of chromatic dispersion, the pulse broadening caused by polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and the drop in bit error rate have become the limiting factors for the development of high-speed optical

AUO's combined revenue in November was 7.269 billion yuan

According to the news on December 7, AU Optronics' combined turnover in November 2012 was 7.269 billion yuan, an increase of 1.4% from October and a 10.9% increase from the same period last year.

In November, overall large-size panel shipments, including de

Silicon Labs showcases advanced metrology wireless solutions

Beijing, China-January 24, 2013-Silicon Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog and mixed-signal ICs (Core Labs, Inc., NASDAQ: SLAB), will hold the DistribuTECH Smart in San Diego, California, United States from January 29-31 Power Grid Conferen

Development of lithium ion capacitors for hybrid vehicles

FDK has developed lithium-ion capacitors with high output power and excellent charge-discharge cycle characteristics. It has been used in the fields of high voltage sag compensation devices and load averaging of solar power generation. In addition, its application in t

Analysis of computer network communication protocol

0 Preface

This article makes further research and discussion on the computer network communication protocol, the principle of selecting network communication protocol, the installation, setting and testing of TCP / IP communication protocol.

1 Network c

Drive power: high reliability becomes the key to LED promotion

After the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Technology was issued by the state, the results of the winning bid for the "2012/2013 Financial Subsidy Promotion Project for Semiconductor Lighting Products" led by the N

TD-LTE scale-up test is intended to break the commercial bottleneck

TD-LTE will start the scale-up test after the first and second phases of the scale network technology verification. China Mobile's TD-LTE scale-up test will achieve continuous coverage of the TD-LTE wireless network, interconnection and multi-mode applications with