Causes and solutions of sound or burning speakers

[Introduction] Speakers in audio or broadcasting systems are often burned or broken, and most people intuitively think that the speaker will be too loud to be able to withstand it, so the speaker will be damaged. In fact, it is not possible in many situations. For example, the following si

E-commerce war broke out and Shanda will release smart watches

This week (6 / 17-6 / 23) the e-commerce war will be the most lively thing on the domestic Internet, and the price war, the war of words, the war of public relations will not be less. After the Apple WWDC, Facebook, Samsung, Huawei and other domestic and foreign giants wil

Atmel maXTouch T series new single-chip touch solution

For mobile devices, flawless touch performance, longer battery life and a thinner touch screen are the main characteristics of today's touch screen design. A few days ago, Atmel launched the next-generation product series maXTouch T Series, which supports the large

iSupply: Samsung becomes the second largest chip maker in the world

The market research organization iSupply survey report shows that Samsung's system chip market share was 10.5% in the first quarter of 2013, ranking second. The global chip market leader is still Intel, with 15.1% of the system chip market.

From January to

Qualcomm and Nokia Here improve indoor positioning technology

In the evening news of August 2, Beijing time, Nokia said on Friday that Qualcomm will use Nokia's indoor map to enhance its indoor positioning technology.

According to the cooperation agreement, Qualcomm Atheros, a Qualcomm subsidiary, will use Nokia Here

Topology maintenance of wireless sensor networks

Abstract: Topology maintenance is essential to the operation of wireless sensor networks. It aims to repair and reconstruct the current topology by rotating node roles, calling topology construction or maintenance algorithms to improve the life cycle o

Cheer every opponent, Google Glass PK Apple iWatch

On May 28th, Beijing time, foreign media recently published a comparison between Google Glass and the Apple iWatch smart watch that people speculated will be launched. The article points out that the difference between Google Glass and iWatch is not only in the locatio