iSupply: Samsung becomes the second largest chip maker in the world

The market research organization iSupply survey report shows that Samsung's system chip market share was 10.5% in the first quarter of 2013, ranking second. The global chip market leader is still Intel, with 15.1% of the system chip market.

From January to March this year, Samsung's chip sales were US $ 7.77 billion and Intel's was US $ 11.16 billion. Next is Qualcomm ’s 5.3% market share, with sales of US $ 3.92 billion. Ranked fourth is Toshiba, with a market share of 4% and sales of US $ 2.93 billion.

For comparison, Samsung ’s market share in the fourth quarter of last year was 11.1%, last year ’s average share was 10.3%, and 9.2% the year before. The comparison found that although Samsung's progress is not great, its share is slowly increasing.

In terms of memory chips, Samsung ranked first with a market share of 33.3%, with a total revenue of US $ 4.72 billion, followed by SK Hynix Semiconductor with a market share of 17.4%.

Some industry insiders believe that Samsung's global chip market share increased mainly due to the company's large-scale investment in systems semiconductors in recent years. System semiconductor, also known as "system-on-a-chip" (Systemonachip) mainly refers to the integration of all computer components or other electronic system components on an integrated circuit. At present, this technology has been widely used in new smart phones and tablet devices.

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