Qualcomm and Nokia Here improve indoor positioning technology

In the evening news of August 2, Beijing time, Nokia said on Friday that Qualcomm will use Nokia's indoor map to enhance its indoor positioning technology.

According to the cooperation agreement, Qualcomm Atheros, a Qualcomm subsidiary, will use Nokia Here ’s indoor map data on its IZat indoor positioning platform.

Previously, Qualcomm's IZat platform mainly used mobile networks and WiFi networks to determine the location of devices, but now it will increase Nokia's extensive indoor map content. Microsoft Bing Venue Maps also uses Nokia's indoor map data.

For a long time, Nokia has been making indoor maps through Here map makers and collecting floor plans of buildings. Nokia said it has collected internal map data for more than 50,000 buildings in 69 countries around the world.

According to industry insiders, the combination of IZat platform and Nokia indoor maps will provide more accurate indoor positioning services.

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