The old flagship has to fight a new flagship face? Can you really buy a good TV with money?

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PConline recently talked to Mr. L, who is the head of a brand's TV marketing department, and talked to him about the innovation in the TV market. The other party lamented. After so many years of iteration, TV product innovation once again encountered a bottleneck. In addition to the cost reduction caused by technological breakthroughs, it is difficult to find a breakthrough in sales volume from the product itself. Although Internet TV's spoilers have appeared in a variety of innovative marketing models, there is no certain accumulation in R&D, and it is difficult to make product-level innovations. He also feels very helpless about the products that have emerged in the industry in the recent past but does not really experience innovation. In the era of complicated contents, the public’s attention is extremely scarce. If there is no event marketing once and for all, how do you find your own presence?

When you feel sad and desolated about the status quo, you will inevitably be unable to bear the nostalgia. I remember the plasma and LCD confrontation, when the memory of the OLED's emerging edge, miss the luminous remote control, miss the magnetic fluid on the TV speakers, miss RGBLED backlight, miss a TV 15 years of maintenance, nostalgia has never been a special The parameters, but it always looks very comfortable TV.

I remember that a god of the PConline Home Appliances Forum once said that in reality every kind of thing has its own specific luster or texture. It is very difficult for LCD TVs to exhibit such true luster and texture, but this is precisely the case of plasma TVs. Advantage. The plasma TV was terrible to me. Unfortunately, plasma TVs are good, but you are expensive and there are a few small problems; LCD is cheaper than you and thinner than you. Companies that don't make money for money are rogue, and companies that don't make more money are fucked up. In the face of liquid crystals, plasma has made a comeback. But I also wanted to vent my plasma TV once again: Market ah, why didn't you wait for it for 10 years!

Panasonic 50PZ800C screen shot (transfer from forum)

Before I was lucky enough to go to a friend's house to experience a Panasonic plasma last generation machine 50PZ800C, bought in 2009, is now a recession, but the color sharpness, dark details and anti-aliasing are still very good, especially dynamic effects completely stunning me Looked at the eyes of LCD TVs for many years. After that I learned a word that called the "plastic sense" of LCD TVs.

Since the plasma and LCD TV wars, the TV companies seem to understand the truth: Most consumers do not have titanium eyes.

08,09 can be said to be the peak period of the television industry, when the high-end TV is very cool, although the display technology is not now calf, but there are always manufacturers do not hesitate to study the same technology as the tip of the then high-quality output, then Use a lot of factory manual adjustment to get the best picture quality. At that time, good TVs were basically electric tigers, and the backlit components were solid behemoths. Circuits, chips, materials, and designs all take a lot of effort.

There was a wave of old users in the forum that occasionally popped up, saying, "Although the Sony Z4500 was only known for its dynamics in the past, but now it is still a static image, it is just a ecstasy for the new machine. face."

This makes people believe that...

The old users always have a variety of attachments and always have a variety of preferences. It is not that they have problems with their aesthetics and their beliefs are in crisis. On the contrary, they are really experienced users who have the right to speak. Because the style of the brand they are familiar with has changed, as long as there is a little difference can be insightful.

Although the concept of 4K resolution and ultra-wide color gamut is always magnified endlessly in various marketing campaigns, it can be seen as beautiful as it sounds, with a few more.

Previous TV remote control also with luminous

Wherever it can be saved, provinces should be made as far as possible, and barrier-free alternatives should be replaced as much as possible. In the face of fierce competition, this is no way. Adding an anodized electrolytic coloring metal frame, the cost may add 10 dollars; interface all use copper, the cost may have to add 5 pieces; each coil around several shares, the cost may add another 5 pieces. A total of 20 yuan was added to the cost. To the dealer, the price could be as high as 200 yuan. There is no competitive advantage for this price.

Yugong Yishan Jingwei fills in the sea that are all fools doing, so now you can hardly see the remote control with luminous, the top black crystal panel has been replaced, IPS-a panel has also been replaced. There was also a pioneer who insisted on the manual adjustment of the parameters and disappeared. The market is doomed to this, in order to pursue efficiency, the pursuit of streamlined production, the pursuit of maximum benefits, we must give up some paranoid. So you think you think you are arrogant, but he thinks you don't necessarily have the money to afford his TV.

However, they were wrong. A large number of people were carrying money in their hands and they were waiting to feed their high-end television. You have money, but he is out of stock.

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Is it really impossible to buy a good TV with money?

Mr. L talked to the current high-end products of the TV industry and felt a hint of warmth from the sad atmosphere. The strange phase of vicious competition With the arrival of Internet TV, the capital will not be burned indefinitely. Some hardware losses can be stopped by content and advertising revenue, but they are always stifled in the low end. For a long time, so the summit is not so intense. The price war has converged somewhat, and traditional businesses have regained their old words and returned to the high-end tone.

Comparison of SDR and HDR effects

In fact, the display technology has improved a lot in these years. The color space is more and more close to the real look and feel with the increase of resolution, color gamut, color depth, and dynamic range. This year's HDR technology is one of the dynamic ranges of brightness. A huge breakthrough. Despite repeated control of production costs on the whole machine, the progress of these technologies is still unclear.

In the past year, brand TVs have felt the urgent demand of consumers for truly high-end TVs. In the past, the high-end series that were deeply in the minds of consumers came back. Like the Signature series TVs released by LG at the beginning of the year at CES, the Sony Z series, the XESS high terminal brand recently released by TCL, and the Samsung KS9800/KS9900 series, the Skyworth S9 series, and the Sharp XU series, some of which are high-end products returning to the top, and others are Created a new peak.

Focus on building high-end products is a subdivision of the market, but also a portrayal of brand strength and image. People's impression of a brand is often pinned on one or two flagship products.

Sony Z9D (65吋32999 yuan)

Sony Z-series and X-series TVs have always been positioned high-end, but the focus of the display is different. Due to various “non-descriptive” reasons, the Z series was kept in the snow for a long time and finally re-appeared on the mainland in August this year. Whether it really returned to its peak has yet to be evaluated in detail, but at least from the naming rules and pricing perspective, Sony Z9D is still high hopes.

The progress of the Z9D in the backlight is huge. The Backlight Master Drive (Dynamic Backlight System - Master Edition) can make the peak brightness of this TV reach 4000nit. When you look at HDR video, if there is a sun in the screen, it is estimated that it will flash. your eyes. In addition, by focusing the light source on a point by means of a clustered LED structure, the status of each LED can be controlled independently as if it were an OLED. If such a backlight partition is named, it should be called “infinite partition”. Of course, Dafa has always prided itself on image processing chips. This time, it also incorporated a number of 4K HDR technologies.

Backlight Master Drive Technology

Simply put, in the brighter case, there are more colors and details. However, listening to experienced friends said that the advantage of high brightness is good for watching Hollywood blockbusters, but daily watching a TV drama news network, or lowering the backlight. Dynamic color is not as bad as Panasonic V10 Nabo Plasma, but it has done very well for LCD.

Samsung KS9800 (65吋24999 yuan)

Samsung TV has always been known for its excellent design. This year's high-end flagship product, the KS9800/KS9900 series, is full of individuality in industrial design. First talk about the surface, Samsung has always been in the display device to promote surface products, televisions, monitors and mobile phones. The curvature of the edge series phone is very beautiful. Is the surface on the TV necessary?

This problem cannot be generalized. First, the surface is a design language. The high-end people have high requirements on the appearance of the product. Under different interior designs and customers' aesthetic preferences, there will be different interpretations. This is precisely the path Samsung has taken to create high-end differentiation. Second, whether the viewing experience brought by the surface is improved? To be honest, making small-screen TVs a surface is of little significance. Large-screen TVs will still bring some sense of presence and immersion. The screen of a movie theater is actually a big surface.

The elegant back of the Samsung KS9800

The first time I saw the KS9800 on the AWE, that kind of seamless design really moved me, because the limit of the curved LCD can not be as perverted and ultra-thin as OLED, but in the KS9800 who found a thin and minimalist A sense of balance. One of the design points that attracted me most was the extension of the base to the back of the TV, and then straddled the entire body in the direction of the backplane strips, which well associated each structure of the TV. This point is very worthwhile for domestic TV manufacturers to learn. Design must have a soul, and it can withstand the deconstruction of open skin.

LG Signature G6 (65吋59999 Yuan)

The Signature series has a very domineering Chinese name called "Seal". If Samsung's KS9800 gives a mellow feeling, then this LG Signature G6 gives people a strong sense of fashion and modernity. Protected tempered glass, 2.57mm fuselage thickness is very aggressive. It is said that LG is studying wallpaper TV. The future TV can be made as thin as paper. With the development of flexible screens, the appearance of TV screens will have more and more possibilities.

LG has been sticking to the OLED camp, and it really lives up to its expectations. All kinds of innate features that are superior to LCDs give the G6 more room to play. However, G6 is obviously not the ultimate OLED, dynamic response, light control, of course, super God, but the brightness, color, picture quality optimization is not more than the top LCD TV. After all, the development of LCD technology has been very mature for many years, and OLED has always been what we call "secondary era" display technology.

2.57mm abnormal ultra-thin

Because of the deep love, many people are full of enthusiasm for OLED. In fact, the G6 has done a very good job at this stage, and it has a very positive breakthrough in product form. The combination of OLED and HDR is even more powerful.

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TCL XESS X1(65吋29999)

Just shortly after TCL held a new conference in Shenzhen, it launched a brand new high-end sub-brand XESS. Its position was "to meet the elite's pursuit of excellence." I also attended this conference and experienced new television X1 and X2. The progress of TCL is very obvious, and there are many years of precipitation in panel development, image processing technology, and industrial design. In fact, there is no need for us to mention that there are always assembly factories in domestic heads. The start is slower than that of Japanese and Korean brands, but the gap is getting smaller and smaller.

TCL X1/X2 in the design, be a very personal product in domestic TV products, high-end series have always adhered to Nordic minimalist style, consistent. In some of the details are also close to the trend, no screws, line design and so on. This is a very good progress, the product has a consistency, the design has a soul.

Secondly, in the study of quantum dot technology, TCL is on the same track as the world-class TV manufacturers. Peng Xiaogang, the world's top scientist on quantum dots, is a professor of chemistry at Zhejiang University. TCL and his team also have in-depth cooperation. The use of quantum dots has enabled LCD TVs to form a powerful breakthrough in the color gamut. However, there is still some distance between the color gamut and the color truth. Color adjustment is really an "empirical science." Of course, domestic production still requires more efforts, and we also need more trust.

Skyworth S9D (65吋29999 yuan)

Since Skyworth first produced OLED TV S9 in China last year, Skyworth's OLED product line has made many efforts and changes. From S9300 to S9-I to the recent S9D, there have been many advances in design, sound and picture, and content. The overall trend is more and more toward the simple beauty of the integrated body. For example, the sound part is embedded in the transparent acrylic panel and the sound unit is integrated into the bottom, and an oversized box body with a highly integrated color and material is integrated. There are borders and details of the base under the tough appearance of the machine is handled very mellow, this should be the so-called square with a round bar. However, the design of the back is still a little slot, the upper part of the fuselage 4.7mm is actually very thin, if the circuit design is slightly adjusted, so that the thickness of the machine to maintain a unified, so that the visual impact is greater.

As a leader in domestic OLED TVs, Skyworth has made a very positive contribution to accelerating the popularity of OLEDs. Compared to LG's 50,000-60,000 or even 100,000-plus OLED TVs, Skyworth OLED has more people to enjoy, and spend less money to experience this “sub-era” product, why not? In 2015, global shipments of OLED TVs were 400,000 units, which was a four-fold increase from 2014. In 2016, OLED TV shipments increased to 1.3 million units, a significant increase, and sales of OLED TVs in the future are still very optimistic.

Of course, Skyworth OLED has also made a lot of efforts in image quality. At the same time, it has combined Dolby Vision display technology to bring more comprehensive HDR support to OLED. Both at the software and content level and at the hardware level, it has reached the high standard of HDR. .

Sharp 80XU35A (80吋59999)

There is not much news about Sharp recently. I don't know what his life in the distance is. However, there is no doubt about the accumulation of strong technology for this century-old company. As the former “father of LCD” research on the LCD panel, the research and development of UV light alignment film process in Taiwan for more than 10 years, but ultimately forced to give up because of immature technology, but Sharp took only a year or two to put it This technology is mature and mass-produced. Now when everyone is squeezing LCD panels, only Sharp still insists on high-tech, high-cost four-color technology, and there have been several generations of changes in recent years.

In fact, Sharp also had the same feelings of Sony. When he introduced the so-called 8K resolution TV XU35A, I felt a little excited inside. At that time, I participated in the media tasting held by Sharp in China and the new four-color technology. And the new color technology is still the original taste. What's more important is that the new backlight technology has made great progress in the black field and contrast of LCD.

For Sharp's current development, it only hopes that it will spare no effort to focus on the high-end market.

It is a very good trend for traditional companies to make efforts in the high-end market. Enterprises have enough profits to carry out product research and development. With a better brand image, they can further expand their competitiveness and be more favorable to the benign nature of the entire industry. cycle.

In PConline's Home Appliances Forum, there are always two sets of talk about flat-panel TVs. Nostalgic users think that the quality of this thing can never go back to the glory of the plasma era, and all the embarrassing situations are being played all the time. LCD is not the lifeblood; another wave of young users think TV is not non-quality, but the demand for content, functional requirements are more important, that television re-output in high-quality content.

And these two points are precisely the two directions that TV manufacturers work together. People’s needs are diversified, and the channels for obtaining content are also diversified. Therefore, TVs, while doing a good job in their “audio and video quality” work, must actively become a window bearing content, a large screen of wisdom, and the mission of the TV. Keep going. The innovation of television will surely embark on more different roads, but in the end it will not forget to forget.

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