One plus 3T State Bank released Snapdragon 821 battery more price 2699 yuan

Tencent Digital (Zhong Wenze) On November 29th, OnePlus officially released a one-plus-three-nation version of the Bank of China. The phone was listed on the US market earlier and received praise from the technology media. This version of the State Bank is consistent with the overseas version in terms of hardware, and the new version of the hydrogen OS 2.5 is adopted on the system.

One plus 3T is a modified version of the previous one plus three months ago. The phone has almost no change in appearance, and the color of the phone has changed the color of the previous glacier gray to the current gunmetal color, with a deeper color. The screen is still a 5.5-inch 1080p resolution AMOLED screen.

The addition of the Xiaolong 821 processor is the key to this phone's upgrade. Although the Xiaolong 820 equipped with the previous one plus three has a fast processing speed, this addition of the Xiaolong 821 makes this phone more powerful. The speed of operation. In memory and storage, one plus 3T configuration is still quite high, with 6GB of operating memory and 128GB of storage space.

The performance of the one-plus-three rear lens is quite amazing. In one plus 3T, it retains the previous rear lens configuration, with 16 million pixels, F2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization. On the front lens, one plus 3T has a more significant improvement. The pixel has been upgraded from the previous 8 million pixels to 16 million. It also supports phase focus detection and 1080p video recording, providing a better self-timer experience.

One plus three endurance capacity has been questioned by some consumers, and one plus 3T will upgrade the battery capacity from the previous 3000 mA to 3400 mAh, still supports Dash rapid flash charge, after testing, one hour to charge 90% or so.

As for the system, one plus 3T is equipped with hydrogen OS 2.5. The design and interactive effects are closer to the Android native experience.

In terms of selling price, one plus 3T version of the State Bank has two color matching gun ash and mint gold, 6GB memory 64GB storage version priced at 2699 yuan, 6GB memory 128GB storage version priced at 2999 yuan, starting tomorrow in Jingdong.

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