Dwelling is no small matter: only add the salt why chicken taste so different

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PConline skills will be almost New Year's Eve. Has the buddies started to worry about the chicken feast of the three meals a day? Do not know the custom of your New Year before the screen is not the same as the author, starting from New Year's Eve to the beginning of the year, the main course of dinner is mainly chicken. It may be white-cut chicken, or it may be homemade chicken. The most critical thing is that it is shiny and full of chicken feast.

How can we not use New Year's news "chicken" frightened it, the author thinks of a small child, my mother often gave us a little kid to get a classic dish - salt baked chicken. Even if we use the self-supported chicken with seventy-eight pounds of oil, we have to go straight out of the flock of chickens, we also swept away a few, even the chicken breasts are tidy up by our tidy up.

Next, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, this issue of "Don't Have Nothing to Draw," borrowed from the author's oven, which was about to be moldy, to share the whole process of salting the chicken, legs and legs. The reason why the chicken is not a whole chicken is because the author is not strong enough to refuse the temptation to be littered. When the chickens arrived on the day of the market, they were basically cleared. Fortunately, the author can also grab two from the mother's hands. Chicken legs can only be staged in salted chicken feet.

It is said that salted quail chicken is a famous dish of Guangdong Hakkas and has now developed into a delicacy loved by men, women and children throughout the country. For the first time, the author gave us salt and baked chicken. It should have been a matter of years. At that time, we were small, especially when we were in the New Year, something that was slightly greasy did not want to eat, nor did we know the mother. Where did she learn the craft? One day she put chicken powder on the whole chicken, wrapped it in a layer of paper and put it in a pot of salt filled with salt.

I don’t know how long it took. When we smelled something, the mother had put the chicken on a plate. This was different from the usual practice of white-cut chicken and parsley. This salted chicken bite into a dry batter without chicken. Golden golden chicken skin, fat but not greasy to eat, but because of the taste of salt, so that the chicken skin becomes more delicious.

Previous conditions were not good. The mother used wattles to burn firewood and tamed us with these little kiddies. Now that life is convenient, most of the appliances used are electrical appliances, and you don't have to light fire to see the fire. I want to start salted quail chickens to be more handy. Right, Rory has a lot of it. Let me give you my oven. Edition salted chicken ... leg.

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40min is OK? Small edition salted chicken drumsticks

After cleaning the chicken leg, put it on a steaming rack with two clean paper towels and let it dry naturally for about half an hour to one hour. Generally speaking, the longer the better. This time you can go to the drama or play several games. After drying the chicken legs, sprinkle with appropriate amount of salted chicken powder (supermarket sells, a pack of money). Marinate for half an hour to 1 hour. If you want to taste, you can extend the pickling time appropriately.

After marinating the chicken leg, wrap the chicken leg with baking paper or blotting paper and place it on a tin foil that has been pre-cooked with coarse salt.

The oven is preheated at 180 degrees Celsius for 5-10 minutes, then placed in a wrapped chicken leg and heated for 20 minutes. Wait until the time later to turn the chicken leg to the other side and continue heating for 20 minutes. After the time is up, you can eat on the plate.

When removing baking paper, be careful not to pour the chicken juice into coarse salt, so as not to affect the secondary use. Let's enjoy salted chicken legs under the oven version.

Xiaobian made the whole process and did not add any oil. The oil on the chicken's leg surface was the chicken skin itself. The golden chicken skin was more delicious because it added salt. Whether you have started drooling before the screen. If yes, Xiaobian would like to appreciate it, but Ma Ma taught us to be honest since childhood, so Xiao Bian unilaterally announced that this well-made chicken is not completely cooked inside, and it is still not ready!

Having said this, in fact, the author's heart is embarrassing, because before I discovered that the chicken leg is not fully cooked, the buddy has swallowed a chicken leg into his belly. 9 The mature chicken should have no problem. I thought so at that time, but then I still heated the other chicken leg.

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Tin foil baking paper basket with emergency baby baby

During the salted chicken leg process, I used tin foil and baking paper. We often see chefs prefer to use tin foil when roasting corn roast. It is a kind of metal paper made from aluminum foil; baked paper is It is commonly used in cakes and has good oil resistance. There is something that needs attention in the use of the two. The author's post-mortem summary is as follows.

1, tin foil has a good thermal conductivity sealing. When wrapped in tin foil, the ingredients can be well-locked to make the food taste fresh and tender. Use tin foil when baking cookies or bread to prevent sticking. In addition, when baking meat, I often put tin foil on the bottom of the baking pan, which can easily clean the baking tray.

2, baking paper high temperature, while having a high degree of oily, can be used to pad under the food is not sticky bottom. At present, there are about three kinds of main baking paper on the market, including oil-proof paper, translucent paper and silicone paper. Among them, oil-proof paper (also known as baking sheet paper, oven paper, steamer paper) is used by many people. The surface of the paper is free from oily paper, and its main purpose is to bake bread, bake cakes, and bake cookies to keep it under food to keep The bakeware is clean.

Differentiate the different papers, can be better used in the oven, it should be noted that baking paper is generally limited to high temperature value, we need to pay attention when using, generally do not recommend using baked paper to seal food directly Baking in the oven may catch fire if you are not careful. The author tried baking the paper on the baking sheet, baking it at 180 degrees Celsius for a few minutes and baking the corners of the paper began to turn into charcoal.

Therefore, the younger partners must be careful when making salted quail chickens. This issue of “Don't worry about living with small dwellings” is temporarily on our way. See you in the next issue.

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