Technical Analysis: Typical Embedded System Design

The typical characteristics of embedded systems are user-oriented, product-oriented, and application-oriented. Market applications are the guiding and premise of embedded system development. The design of an embedded system depends on the needs of the system. This article

Plasma: Seeing its advantages from the working principle

The full name of PDP is PlasmaDisplayPanel, which is translated into Chinese as "plasma display". It is a display device that emits light by ionization discharge using an inert gas. Like the LCD LCD TV, the PDP is also a matrix mode display device. The panel

Unlimited design blessing! Meizu bracelet officially unveiled

On December 6th, Beijing time, Meizu Technology officially released the wearable smart product - Meizu bracelet. The Meizu bracelet continues the high-quality design of Meizu. The retail price is 229 yuan. The appointment is opened on December 6 and officially launch

5G is accelerating construction speed, fiber will play a key role

Recently, CommScope said that in the future of broadband development, network convergence will adopt fiber optics on a large scale. Previously, CommScope co-sponsored Intelligence's Broadband Outlook 2016 survey, which showed that fiber will play a key