That is to say that broadcast, that is to say, change, HDP live voice version makes mango å—¨ Q H6 change intelligence

HDP broadcast, when there is no smart network set-top box, it is known to HD enthusiasts, then, it is not easy to change a live source, when live broadcast source problems can not be played, often only through the brush can be updated, there are inconvenience, but HD lovers are happy.

Haimeidi has always dared to lead the industry in the field of high-definition box. After the emergence of the Q5 single-core intelligent network set-top box, Haimei Di induced a change in the field of boxes. The original slogan was: Watching TV on the Internet, Selecting the Sea Meidi, from now on, HD boxes have become the world of intelligent network boxes, and boxes have slowly moved from niche to the public.

HDP live broadcasting also accompanies the common development of the box field and gradually forms an APP. Combining it with a smart box, the change of source also becomes a “one button” thing.

Recently, Haimeidi solemnly launched the voice-controlled version of the network intelligent set-top box, once listed, rave reviews, watching movies, listening to music, changing platforms, is "a word thing", to enhance the function of voice control box, HDP broadcast should fans Their request, recently launched the HDP live voice version APP, HD fan fans, are you ready? Think about it. Do you still need something to do? To change CCTV, change TV channels, change local stations, or “a matter of one sentence”, one “say” is achieved, and one “say” is changed. Mothers no longer have to worry that I can't find a favorite platform. Fortunately, the author was fortunate enough to receive the HDP live voice version of the APP and taste the new experience...

HDP live broadcast, the old driver knows, not much to say.

After the installation is complete, the HDP broadcast can be directly opened.

You can also find and open the HDP broadcast in the application management interface.

Of course, there is another way, I will not tell you just press the voice button, directly shouted "HDP Live", you can quickly start the HDP live voice version, after testing, HDP live voice version to open faster, load The program is also a lot faster.

Start with CCTV1 and see how its fault-tolerance capabilities are? Come, come, I shout, you dare to agree? "CCTV2"

Automatically switch to CCTV2, change channels quickly, to sentence the Chinese: "Central TV 3"

Another brief sentence: "CCTV IV."

Yes, it can identify, come and look at another TV. A "Guangdong Satellite TV."

A direct sentence, yes, if another sentence, "Guangdong Satellite TV," it, halo, actually can say that has been broadcast, it seems that face to face can not be deceived.

Look at the local station again, "Pearl River TV"

Yes, it is still very smart, it seems that HDP live voice version is no problem in voice recognition, fault tolerance rate is also good, but it seems that there are still needs to be strengthened in the voice command, and finally, first give a praise, give an opinion, Considering that there are differences in speech in many places, can you give a similar choice to Taiwan when it is not standard Mandarin?

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