How about the Green Union Hub? Desktop line is a good helper, charging transfer everything!

As time goes by, more and more devices are on hand. Whether it is work or entertainment, charging or transmission will inevitably lead to the USB port.
Not to mention the laptop, even the two ports on my desktop are not enough.
This time, I got an Green Alliance hub. It is said that there are four ports. Is it not efficient?
When it comes to Green Alliance, the impact it has always been on people is that it is cheap and beautiful. So how about this product, let me try him.

Green Alliance has always been green and white as the main color on the packaging.
The rendering of the product is printed on the front of the package at a glance.

Like traditional HUB products, Green Alliance brings together all the functions HUB should have.
Keywords: USB 3.0, 4 ports, hub, various identification support

On the back is the general product parameters, certification and other information

After opening the package, there is a solid kraft paper inside.
However, this compact body suddenly attracted me.
I have never had strong resistance to pure white products, plus a compact body, it is definitely a good heart.

Randomly did not give any attachment, only one manual and warranty card.

UGREEN's logo printed on the plug can do a certain degree of anti-skid effect.
The USB head also has a protective cover, which is very intimate.

The glossy front acrylic cover is very textured and very smooth.

USB ports on both sides allow users to connect from different angles.

Positively arranged according to the size of the fuselage, two USB3.0 openings.
Aluminium-magnesium alloy frame processing, and chamfering also do the same texture with the phone.

It is worth mentioning that the weight of the compact body will be lighter, and it may not be able to pull the data line during use.
So this HUB will also use the rubber-like treatment on the entire back surface, so that the overall anti-skid, can be placed on the desktop more secure.

The main line is still relatively thick, 5V2A, 5Gbps transmission is not a problem.

For some of the early mobile hard disk need to supply power to work properly.
The back MicroUSB interface provides a channel for powering the HUB, which can achieve 5V2A level, so that the tablet is charged and the use of the mobile hard disk is not a problem.

This is a 0.2m wiring version, more suitable for notebooks or friends who often travel.
If you need to be placed on the desktop of a desktop computer for a long time, then there is a 1m version that will be more practical.
When working, the HUB work indicator light can be seen through the acrylic cover. It is invisible when it is not used. It is very beautiful.

Use summary:
Green Union 4 HUB, compact, easy to carry.
The combination of acrylic + aluminum-magnesium alloy guarantees the product's texture and appearance.
The four-port mode facilitates all necessary transfer operations.
Intimate bottom anti-slip panels and front LED work lights allow users to feel more at ease.
Independent power supply port, compatible with more tablet charging or mobile hard disk reading.
With reference to the price of JD, the price of 59 is really not expensive. The two versions of 0.2m and 1m make the user's choice more clear.
This product I give praise!

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