A good choice of price/performance ratio, F&D Fenda T-280 Xiao Wei Feng out of the box

I issued the information on Fenda T-280 on the 19th. At that time, Jingdong quoted 499, FENDA made a full 399-100 event, and could use Jingdong AV 399-100 vouchers. Liaoning left 3 units, but LD adults approved it. Passed, hurriedly picking up hands, plus the white strip 289 of 199-10 to start.

Jingdong’s products have been taken off the shelves and posted links to Tmall Fanta’s flagship store.

Fill in the pits you dug yourself, and since you bought them, you will be able to send them to the house on the 20th. It's a long way to go to work, but you can only receive goods on Sunday on the 24th.

The box is quite large, and the handles are very convenient for transportation.

On the back of the package, JD directly put tape and invoices on the outer box. This is also a lot of reasons why JD bought Lego to give poor reviews.

On the side there are product information and technical specifications.

When it opens, there is a small box in the middle of the bubble. It should be a wire.

Sure enough, the wire and remote control were neatly packed inside. Personally think that this box should do a little better, after all, these things need a small box, do a little better can also make an advertisement is not.

The pig's foot is about to appear, wrapped in a damp-proof foam bag.

The protagonist debut, really big ah, 60635689mm, 9KG. It is quite heavy to get started. Shell, matte effect, not easy to produce fingerprints!

The front control panel, in turn, is a switch, Bluetooth (long press and mobile phone, PAD match), volume reduction, volume increase, mode switching (Bluetooth, AUX, USB, fiber optics, etc.), professional effects switch.

Brand LOGO.

Rear wiring hole and main switch.

The seal at the bottom, certificate, but no production date.

The bottom of the subwoofer, a total of two.

Low wind noise guidance structure, unclear and savvy.

Put the size of the 1.7L kettle on the TV cabinet.

The way the audio input is displayed during work.

Manual 1

Manual 2

Manual 3

Manual 4

The remote control is very small, but it has a full-featured, personal feel too small.

Use an afternoon, talk about it, not enthusiasts, nor professional evaluation, really no technology.

When the ear was attached to the sound, only a faint current was heard, and anything far from 1 meter could not be heard.

The sound quality, volume and bass effects are stronger than those of the TV's own audio system. Listening to Lao Guo's comic dialogue LIVE really has the feeling of being in the theater.

Basically, the size can be placed just below the TV or in a TV cabinet. It does not affect the overall appearance of the home improvement. This is very good.

Let me talk about the problem of boot volume that many people care about. After adjusting the volume, press the front panel to shut down, and then the volume will not increase or decrease suddenly. After the master switch is turned off, the volume will be reset to the factory default volume. Fortunately, this volume is not very large and acceptable.

Listen to the online MP3 via mobile phone Bluetooth, the sound is clear, the bass effect is obvious, and the Bluetooth connection effect is good. Try the mobile phone 5 meters away from the speaker and still play across the 2 walls.

AUX only one way, more than one way just fine, USB interface behind it is not very convenient.

To sum up, home songs and movies are enough. Fans should go around! I hope everyone likes it!

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