Create the strongest lineup! Beiqi New Energy launches four hot-selling pure electric vehicles

The 2nd Global New Energy Vehicles Conference (Shanghai) Trade Fair will be held in Shanghai on August 4th. It is reported that BAIC New Energy will bring its four pure electric vehicles to the debut of this auto exhibition, EX200 and EU260. Double Star will be unveiled in Shanghai. The new EV160 and logistics pioneer Weiwang 307 will also display the strongest new energy lineup on the same platform. These four models reflect the rich product resources of Beiqi New Energy, which can meet a variety of purposes.

Beiqi EX200 intelligent pure electric SUV

The EX200 pure electric city SUV has won the favor of many new energy users by virtue of its high value, high talent and high content. The EX200 is built with a professional pure electric SUV chassis. In the fast charge mode, it takes only half an hour to fill 80% of the electricity, and can travel 160 kilometers, fully meeting the travel needs of young urban users.

Create the strongest lineup! Beiqi New Energy launches four hot-selling pure electric vehicles

The Beiqi EX200 is based on the Sic Bo X25. The length, width and height of the car are 4110*1750*1581mm and the wheelbase is 2519mm. The six-spoke wheel design echoes the body line. It is said that there are 7 exterior body colors, complemented by 3 interior colors, and a total of 12 color matching schemes are available. The car has a battery capacity of 30.4kWh and a total operating range of 200km. Not only is it suitable for flexible travel in the city, the professional pure electric SUV chassis can support easy to go to the countryside.

BAIC EU260 long-life A-class electric sedan

The EU260 originated from the Saab platform. As a strategic vehicle to enter the A-class pure electric market, BAIC New Energy spent a total of three years optimizing it, including key system matching and adding a lot of new energy elements.

Create the strongest lineup! Beiqi New Energy launches four hot-selling pure electric vehicles

The EU260 has a very prominent European style. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4582*1794*1515mm and the wheelbase is 2650mm. The newly designed T-type center console is more novel, and the interior materials are greatly improved. Soft material.

The EU260 motor has a maximum power of 100kw and a maximum torque of 260N·m. With a battery capacity of 41.4kwh, it can support up to 260km of cruising range under comprehensive conditions. The SmartCell intelligent electric drive system equipped with the EU260 can reduce the loss of electric energy to kinetic energy to 4%, and also manage the power battery more safely and evenly to ensure its health and service life. Through the integration, intelligent design and scientific management of the control system, the vehicle has a total cruising range of 260 kilometers and a maximum torque of 260 Nm. It takes only 4 seconds to accelerate from the start to 50 km/h, which can be completed in 9 seconds. 0-100 km / h acceleration. With fast charging technology, the EU260 can replenish 80% of its power in 30 minutes, and its outstanding performance is enough to meet daily travel needs.

Beiqi EV160 energy efficient electric vehicle

Beiqi New Energy has become one of the new energy brands with the highest market share and the largest number of users in the domestic pure electric vehicle market. E-series electric vehicles have contributed. A year after the launch of the 2015 model, the newly upgraded 2016 EV160 Express Edition and Light Show Edition came into being.

Create the strongest lineup! Beiqi New Energy launches four hot-selling pure electric vehicles

The new EV160 model is basically the same as the 2015 model. The main configuration is adjusted. The new car is equipped with a 10.4-inch central control large screen for clearer display, and a new style of 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels. In terms of power, the new EV160 will use the Pride battery. The combined working condition has a cruising range of 160 kilometers and a top speed of 125km/h.

Beiqi Weiwang 307 Green Freight Pioneer

Weiwang 307EV is a pure electric vehicle developed for the logistics market. The biggest difference is that the electric power is used as the power drive. The average cost per kilometer is far lower than that of the gasoline vehicle. At the same time, the car can also enjoy the state's policy subsidies for new energy vehicles, not only saves the cost of car purchase, but also has a high license plate lottery rate.

As a new generation of logistics vehicles, Beiqi New Energy Weiwang 307EV has a very high cost performance. Compared with the traditional minivan, the Weiwang 307EV has a wheelbase of 2,920mm and an ultra-long body of 4,495mm. The maximum cargo capacity can be up to 3380mm, and the ultimate cargo space is 6.5 cubic meters, which has an absolute space advantage.

Create the strongest lineup! Beiqi New Energy launches four hot-selling pure electric vehicles

In addition, the interior seats are foldable and easy to disassemble, and the space is flexible and can meet the diverse transportation needs of users. In terms of safety performance, the Weiwang 307EV is made of high-strength steel. The body has high-strength and anti-twist function. The side door is equipped with anti-collision reinforced beams and energy-absorbing ribs at the same time. The multi-dimensional safety protection system greatly enhances the load of the car. Driving stability. Regardless of space bearing, performance configuration and cost of use, the Weiwang 307EV is currently the most suitable short-haul model for "Dora Run". With the continuous improvement of charging and ancillary services, Weiwang 307EV will be more widely used in the logistics industry.

At the exhibition site, BAIC New Energy will also perform interactive games such as “Erase Smog” and shake the audience. These four heavy-duty models are bound to become one of the 2nd Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (Shanghai) Trade Fair. Big highlights bring more powerful appeal to consumers. At that time, you are welcome to experience different product charms at the Beiqi New Energy booth.

The 2nd Global New Energy Vehicles Conference (GNEVEXPO SHANGHAI) will be held in Shanghai from August 4th to 6th, 2016. The exhibition focuses on four directions: electric, intelligent, lightweight, and car sharing. Leading companies and innovative companies in the new energy automobile industry chain will participate. In the same period, there will be a number of exciting theme events: 2016 Future Auto Developers Conference, 2016 Electric Logistics Vehicle Conference, Buyers Group Product Promotion Conference, New Energy Vehicle Supply Chain Matching Conference, 2016 Shanghai New Energy Automobile Car Purchase Festival.

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