Higher-than-usual television than Xiaomei projection TV won praise

For black technology products, mankind has always been on the road with a spirit of unremitting exploration, and it has become increasingly unmanageable. As to why these black technology products have this charm? In fact, the answer is very simple, because it breaks the product form or product function existing in the current product market, and is displayed in a more cutting-edge, technological, and playable posture. This exposure is obviously concerned by users and Buoyant.

Of course, everyone should not think of these black technology products as mysterious. Perhaps it is on your side. It is only when you have not noticed that you will feel that you are far away from you.

If the product form of a product does not break the norm, then at its best, it is innovation, not a breakthrough, and naturally it cannot be called black technology. And God painted a small projection TV to do it, which directly breaks the traditional TV border constraints, but also not the traditional TV that kind of tripod support or bracket wall mount, but the use of random placement, more freedom, of course, for some users If you want to project it directly in the living room, you can also choose to hang it directly to make it easier.

In addition, the mystery of the goddess's ability to display the projection TV with ease lies in its compact body, the appearance size is similar to that of the A5, and the thickness is only the height of several ordinary smartphones. At the same time, God painted a small projection TV in the fuselage is also integrated into the 69 CNC lathe stamping process, and the use of nano-UV panels (upper shell) and aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy (middle box), cool extraordinary.

As for the hardware configuration of the Goddess Projection TV, how is it? It uses Cortex A5 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, integrates the Mali-450 core graphics card, configures 1G operation and 8G capacity, supports multi-tasking without stalling, and at the same time has great advantages in video decoding - - Color reproduction is more real and natural.

Maybe some users see 1G storage and 8G capacity will think that this kind of hardware is very slag? However, the fact is that the answer is no. The ordinary traditional TV (internet smart TV) may only have 512MB of memory and 4G of capacity, so it is enough for God to draw a small projection TV enough to kill ordinary traditional TV.

If you put aside the appearance of the process and hardware configuration, it must be said that the gods painted small projection TV black technology. It has several unique patented technologies, such as dual-lens 2 seconds automatic focusing, human-computer interaction virtual touch, PIQS UI2.0. For users who have used projection products, they must be bothered with focusing and remote control. After all, traditional projection products are still in the stage of manual focusing and button-based operation, and they are not as comfortable and fast as the gods. .

If you want to compare a traditional TV with God's picture projection TV, then there is no direct comparison. It feels like a place and a heaven.

Are you still using traditional TV? Let's go out and try out the projection TV which is more advanced than the traditional TV.

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