Internet of Vehicles: The automotive industry vsIT industry, who will become the home?

This summer, in addition to Tesla, there is a concept that is rapidly heating up in the Chinese automotive industry, and that is the Internet of Vehicles.

On July 2nd, Volvo announced the official release of the Sensus Innovation Technology sub-brand and the corresponding intelligent vehicle interaction system in China, claiming to be “the first company to integrate the automobile and mobile Internet into a sub-brand”.

The prospect of China's car networking is stimulating the CEO of the global auto industry. “We have noticed that China’s demand for vehicle interconnection services is stronger than other markets,” said Lars Deng, senior vice president of Volvo Car Group’s China operations. “China’s car owners are younger and spend a lot more every day. Time is in the car, so we are thinking about how to make them more efficient in the car."

Car Network: Whose home?

However, it is not just auto companies that have released the results of the car network in the past two weeks. The global technology giant has upgraded the car network to the home of the IT industry, and the battle is in full swing.

On June 26th, Google officially released the Android Au-to Android car intelligence system at the I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Just three months ago at the Geneva Motor Show, Apple released the "CarPlay" car service, which has also received orders from a number of multinational car companies.

Domestic communication and Internet companies such as Huawei and Baidu have also or are working on a “car networking” plan that is an important strategic direction for the company in the future.

For the first time in the automotive industry for more than 100 years, such a large-scale cross-industry cooperation alliance has emerged. In the eyes of technology parties - "Internet companies will dominate the car network, and traditional car companies will become subordinates."

The Internet of Vehicles is the first step in the smart car revolution. Therefore, “Who is the leader of the Internet of Vehicles?” This has become an important industry game proposition after the Google I/O Developers Conference.

The new favorite of the IT industry

“Not long ago, the vice presidents of Xiaomi and Huawei were sitting in your current position and discussing with me how their company should continue in the field of car networking.” Deputy Director, National Engineering Laboratory, Electric Vehicle, Beijing Institute of Technology, Ph.D. The instructor, Professor Lin Cheng, said with excitement that the reporter was sitting on the sofa. Although he is an expert in new energy vehicles and new technologies in automobiles, he believes that the Internet is largely unstoppable in the future of the big car industry cake, and firmly asserts: "Only Internet companies can become the winners of the final battlefield."

According to the definition of the technical innovation strategic alliance of the Internet of Vehicles Industry, the vehicle network is based on the in-vehicle network, the inter-vehicle network and the vehicle-mounted mobile Internet, in accordance with the agreed communication protocol and data interaction standards, in the car-X (X: car, road, A large system network for wireless communication and information exchange between pedestrians and the Internet is an integrated network that enables intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information services, and intelligent vehicle control.

"Only people with Internet thinking can achieve real interconnection between people, vehicles and roads in the Internet of Vehicles. Crossing brand restrictions, crossing space constraints, and improving the real interconnection between people, vehicles and roads, the prospect of Internet of Vehicles is limitless, thinking To be subversive, but only companies and people with Internet thinking can do it." Lin Cheng explained his argument.

In fact, many Internet companies have indeed launched R&D in the field of car networking, but the focus is not the same. Map navigation, car detection, entertainment systems, in-vehicle communication, almost all possible future car networking areas are known. There is already direct involvement of Internet companies.

The BTA of China's Internet industry, in addition to the current acquisition of Gaode map, and concerned about the appearance of Ali in the field of car networking related to the car e-commerce project, the other two, Tencent and Baidu have entered the car in 2014 networking.

In addition to navigation and other relatively mature car network channels, automotive OBD ports are also the direction of Internet companies.

During this year's Beijing Auto Show, Renren's car project announced that its first car networking product "Car Doctor" developed with the car OBD port has been logged into Apple iOS and Google An-droid platform, which can be used for the basic data of vehicle computers. Read and analyze, and finally realize the direct interconnection between the vehicle and the after-sales service.

Some IT experts said that the protagonist of the future car network will no longer be a car, but a car owner and Internet service. The car only serves as a channel for the owner to conveniently access Internet services. Auto companies can usually do the same for car owners to "use" Internet services, but they want to be "easy to use". In fact, Internet companies are better at it.

From the development trend of global car networking, Apple and Google are still far ahead of the car intelligentization. In the visible cycle, Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are still in a double-player game.

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