Unstoppable to 2020 OLED TV will occupy your living room

In the past 20 years, the television industry has been rapidly upgrading. From black-and-white TV to color TV, from 3D to 4K, and from Internet TV to smart TV, it has always been raising the awareness of high-end technology. Recently, OLED suddenly became hot in the TV

ELECOM IKEA HH1000 Headphones

Also lured gold coins hahaha, this time to Amway everyone is a pair of accessories manufacturers ELECOM's flagship headset HH1000.

The first time I heard of elecom was to start with a poison article at the beginning of the year, when elecom introduced a

Is Modular Design the Future of Smartphones?

Recently, Lenovo released Moto Z/Z Play modular mobile phone. At the same time, Reuters announced that Google will suspend the news of the modular mobile phone Project Ara.

The <

Comprehensive analysis of what is artificial intelligence (AI)

Meet Samantha. She is your intimate assistant from 2025. She can help you organize your mail, set up your meetings, and order your grocery. She will draw and write poetry. She is your best friend. She is the artificial intelligence in the movie "She", which is wh

Lenovo Watchdog "Little Yeti" Home Network Camera

With the improvement of people's living conditions, the issue of family safety is getting more and more attention from users. With the rise of home network cameras, many home users have new choices. The replacement of air defense by technical prot

Smart TV Micro Whale 50 inches leak test how!

In the previous article, we talked about how the 50-inch voice search function of the smart TV whale is 50-inch. The 50-inch voice search function of the smart TV whale can use this content. 50-inch screen, smart TV whale 50-inch screen will not leak, smart TV whale 50