The success of the research on the heat dissipation structure marks the successful resolution of the global problem of LED heat dissipation

In recent years, as the luminous efficiency of LEDs has increased by 100 times, the cost has dropped by 10 times, attracting global lighting manufacturers to join LED light sources and market research and development. The United States, Japan, Europe and Taiwan have all launched semiconductor lighting plans, and China is no exception. However, LED lighting has a big problem in practical use, that is, heat dissipation. The problem of heat dissipation has always been a bottleneck in the application of LED lighting. It has not been effectively solved and has become a worldwide problem. LED low power is well used, such as: instrument lights, signal lights, LCD screen backlights, etc. However, high-power LEDs have only begun to be used in the field of lighting. There are many products and many defects. In the final analysis, there is no good way to solve the heat dissipation structure.

The high-power luminaire products currently used in the market are packaged by a single high-power chip of a small piece of aluminum plate, or a plurality of high-power chips are packaged (single and multiple light source modules are called domestically and foreignly), and these modules are respectively Installed on different radiators and placed in different fixtures. There is a certain gap between the light source module and the heat sink. They use a thermal silver paste and a thermal paste to fill the gap. This method does not have the desired effect. There is still a certain thermal resistance in the gap, and there is a large temperature difference between the light source module and the heat sink, and the heat conduction problem is not completely solved. Since the heat conduction and heat dissipation problems are not well solved, the LED power does not reach a certain amount, so that the brightness and photoelectric conversion rate of the LED are too low. There are also reasons why the single module and the multiple modules are installed separately, so that the light is uneven and the spot is not good, and there is a shadow, which is mainly caused by the structural limitation of the single and multiple light source modules.

The new high-power LED lamp structure developed by our LED Qianzi Optoelectronics has overcome the above problems. We use a structure in which the heat-dissipating aluminum alloy and the light-emitting chip are integrated. It is completely different from the structure of similar products at home and abroad. First, we connect the chip and the heat sink together. The chip is directly packaged on the heat sink, so that there is no thermal resistance between the chip and the heat sink. The whole heat sink is a complete light fixture. Second, our The structure of the radiator uses the principle of bionics, adopts a spider network structure design, and the size of the bee hole and air convection has a good heat dissipation effect. The heat source chip is packaged in the middle of the spider network honeycomb structure, and the temperature rapidly flows with the heat source spider network structure, and is emitted to keep the chip at a safe temperature. Through practical application, the light-emitting chip and the heat sink that we developed are integrated into the package method and the spider-type honeycomb heat-dissipation structure, which has good heat conduction and heat dissipation capability, and the effect is very good, so that the chip can exert the maximum power value.

Our LED Qianzi Optoelectronics successfully developed high-power LED lighting fixtures in 2009, and has applied for national patents and passed the announcement (patent number ZL200920063308.5. Patentee: Wang Ningjun). After a year of hard research, the company successfully developed the cluster headlights for LED headlights. This project filled the gap in China's auto industry without LED lights for headlights and applied for national invention patents (invention patent applications). No. X, patentee: Wang Ningjun).

Our high-power LED lighting developed by LED Qianzi Optoelectronics has the following advantages: 1. Simple process, low production cost, suitable for large-area promotion; 2. Small size, light weight and high plasticity; 3. Chip can be packaged according to actual dosage. 4, after the chip package, the brightness is good, the spot is uniform, no shadow, like the traditional non-LED light source, does not change the habit of human light.

The high-power LED lighting developed by us not only solves the worldwide problem of heat dissipation of high-power LED lamps, but also makes the structure of high-power LED lighting lamps simpler, more reasonable and more scientific, which is convenient for maintenance and industrial production.

According to our company, "2010 Cross-Strait (Nanchang) International Photonics Exhibition" is sponsored by Jiangxi Science and Technology Department, Nanchang Municipal People's Government, Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, Nanchang Science and Technology Bureau, Nanchang Municipal People's Government Taiwan Affairs Office A large-scale exhibition hosted by the Nanchang Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association and Nanchang Si Chuang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The exhibition specializes in outdoor lighting, LED, solar photovoltaic, energy-saving lighting, optical communication equipment exhibition hall, set up industry product procurement area, professional and complete presentation of the overall picture of the industry, and provide exhibitors with market information, investment and cooperation opportunities in Taiwan and central China. It also arranges docking with Taiwanese and central enterprises to provide the best marketing platform for the industry segments.

Our company has already signed up for the exhibition. The booth number is 570. The latest products and technologies of our company will be displayed. Welcome customers to visit and negotiate! We sincerely establish business contacts with customers at home and abroad.

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