Sharp executives join the same party to seek LED field development

Recently, the famous Chinese TV brand Tongfang TV was officially announced. Liu Wei, the deputy general manager of the home appliance headquarters of Sharp Trading (China) Co., Ltd., officially joined Tongfang on July 1 as the executive deputy general manager of Tongfang Multimedia Industry Headquarters and participated in The meeting of the general manager of Tongfang shares held in Beijing on the 5th.

“At present, I am still in the stage of being familiar with the enterprise. This stage may last for a while.” Liu Wei told reporters in an interview on how to carry out TV related work.

Compared with Liu Wei’s low-key entry, Tongfang TV has achieved rapid growth this year. From the development of low-carbon economy, green technology LED backlight TV, to the promotion of China's three-network integration of Internet TV, Tongfang TV became the fastest-growing color TV brand in 2010.

It is understood that in this year's three-network integration process, Tongfang Internet TV is also the fastest-growing enterprise. It is reported that Tongfang not only holds Shanghai BesTV, which has one of the three Internet licenses, but also takes the lead in reaching a strategic partnership with CNTV. Before the World Cup in South Africa, it launched an exclusive LED Internet TV equipped with “CNTV broadcast control platform”. Shangwang TV B9000i series.

On the same side, Tongfang TV can attract Sharp TV executives to join, and some insiders believe that it is probably the main reason to value the grand planning and prospects of Tongfang in the LED field.

At present, as the only enterprise in China that masters the core technology of Led Backlight Module , Tongfang has participated in the key link of the upstream industry chain of flat panel TV. This year, the company started production of four LED backlight LCD module production lines with a planned production capacity of 2 million units at the Shenyang base. At the same time, Jiangsu Nantong LED backlight industry base is about to start, and is expected to be put into use next year.

"This year, Tongfang TV has indeed entered a period of rapid development. In the LED Internet TV that is becoming the mainstream of the market, the advantages of Tongfang are very obvious." Seniors in the home appliance industry told reporters that Tongfang TV has a profound IT technology background and capital. Strength, this is very envious of other companies.

"Through these days of in-depth understanding, in fact, Tongfang TV has reached the same level of mainstream brands in process design and manufacturing, and the LED industry chain is far ahead of other companies." Liu Wei Also said.

According to Tongfang TV related sources, Tongfang TV has proposed a three-year plan for the next three years, including adhering to the brand strategy and carrying out its own brands “SEIKI” and “THTF” at home and abroad. Sales; adhere to the international team + international strategy, comprehensive layout of the global market.

"In the next three years, we will focus on the establishment and development of product sales channels and teams, and improve the quality of single-store operations, and strive to reach 5,000 stores nationwide on the existing basis, and increase the brand and market share to more than 5%. Wang Xiangdong, vice premier of Tongfang Multimedia Industry, told reporters.

Industry analysts believe that with the participation of executives with an international corporate background, it will inevitably bring a series of market reforms. These measures will enable Tongfang TV, which has obvious competitive advantages in LED backlights and Internet TV, to quickly enter the market. During the outbreak period, rapid development is achieved.

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