Mainland demand skyrocketing LED is booming

According to Taiwan media, Bai Weimin, secretary-general of the China Electronics Video Industry Association, led a senior executive of the mainland color TV factory to Taiwan. The market is expected to bring in panel and LED purchase orders. LEDs continued to rise last week, and earnings are expected. The epitaxial plant that handed over the brilliant transcripts had the strongest rally, and the crystallurgical and other epitaxial plant stocks once stopped attacking and rising.

LED TV penetration rate increased quarter by quarter, the market estimates, in addition to the European and American market take the lead, the next biggest growth driver comes from mainland China. According to market research, mainland LED TVs will have more than 10 million units this year. When the LED industry level is still low, Taiwan LED factories are quite optimistic about the mainland LED market, Jingdian, Yuyuan, Longda, Yiguang, Yi The interpretation of the establishment of the factory to the mainland, is to look at the local LED color TV demand.

It is understood that Bai Weimin and China's color TV industry, in addition to visiting the panel factory, will also visit Yiguang and Jingdian. Everlight recently in mainland China, with TPV and Ruixuan joint venture LED packaging plants, Jingdian is in line with the LED layout of the major shareholder UMC Group, in Shandong joint venture Guanhao Optoelectronics, engaged in epitaxial production, Taiwan's LED two strong in the mainland The factory is nothing more than the advance position of the mainland market.

In the next one or two years, the color TV industry in mainland China will continue to rely on Taiwan's LED components. Once the new capacity of the LED expansion plant is opened, if it can grab the supply chain of the mainland color TV brand in the first place in South Korea, it is expected to become a huge outlet for the Taiwan factory LED, and reduce the pressure on the Taiwan factory during the oversupply period of the chip.

Under the market expectation, the LED group has risen in a comprehensive way. The crystal power, the round, the Thai Valley and the Chinese have all touched the daily limit. The package companies Yiguang, Dongbei and Hongqi have also increased by more than 3%. Recently resold to buy.

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