Expo Light Night Scene: Let the night Shanghai shine (Figure)

The lighting “evening dress” is very layered, and the overall plan presents five characteristics, which are examples of energy-saving urban lighting in colleges and universities.

Expo light night scene

The water curtain is sprayed like a flying butterfly wing, and the fireworks are like blooming flowers. The lasers of various colors dance with the sound of music. The lupu bridge under the light is like a diamond. The giant LED screen is full of flowers and flowers, and the whole country celebrates... ... On the opening day of the Expo, LED became the biggest highlight of the Expo on both sides of the Pujiang River. How to make this wonderful and memorable moment? Hao Luoxi, the person in charge of the overall planning of the night scene lighting of the Expo Park, unveiled the mystery behind the scenes of the Expo night scene.

High-tech integration: the “late makeup” level of the park is distinct

As early as 2008, when Hao Luoxi took over the planning of night lighting for the Expo site, he formulated the overall design concept: the night Expo presented to the world, to achieve the beauty of the park with high efficiency, integration, humanization and sustainable technology. . Planning to carry out the ecological concept of green environmental protection throughout. Not only that, but the plan also considers the night lighting of the citizens after the show into the design of the idea.

The female designer who set the main tone for the Hangzhou West Lake night scene has created a layered “late makeup” for the Expo Park. The park is divided into five levels according to the brightness, in different areas. The brightness of the light, the type of the light, the style of the lighting environment, etc. are different. Under the spotlight and the dim light, the light and darkness is the highest concept of lighting planning.

The night lighting planning of the Expo Park mainly presents five major characteristics: the strategic level, shaping the energy-efficient urban lighting paradigm; the cultural level, creating the ecological protection lighting mode of the historical site of the Expo site; the technical level, the first large-scale integration in the Expo site The application of semiconductor lighting technology; human level, let people enjoy the creative life brought by lighting technology in the interactive experience with lighting art; realize the maximization application of "Made in China" products at the industrial level.

The integrated application of high technology is a highlight of the lighting in the Expo Park. For example, renewable energy, represented by solar photovoltaic power generation and wind-solar complementary technology, is closely integrated with high-tech, which is an important means to realize green lighting in the park. In addition, various new materials such as acrylic and glass, light-transmissive concrete technology and special vinyl film, which can change optical properties, are also widely used in the lighting of the Expo Park.

In addition to completing the overall lighting plan for the Expo site, Hao Luoxi and her team also carried out specific special plans for each part, and 10 “guidelines” for the overall planning of the Expo Park lighting came into being. Hao Luoxi said: "Chinese venues, foreign venues, corporate pavilions and other venues have different appeals. The guide also sets the corresponding night lighting scheme for the needs of different themes. For example, during the Expo, there is basically one every day. National Pavilion Day. At the National Pavilion Day, the country’s night lights will be the brightest in the audience."

Architectural lighting: writing art with light

The opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo is beautiful, exciting and impactful. What is even more rare is that it breaks through the traditional technology and achieves the perfect effect of writing art with light. In the words of Hao Luosi: "This opening ceremony of the Expo is a model for achieving artistic effects through lighting technology."

LED lighting technology is a major protagonist of the Shanghai World Expo. It makes building and lighting a highly integrated design a reality. According to Hao Luoxi, traditional light sources are usually lighted from the outside of the building or weakly combined with the building. Due to scattering, light will hit unnecessary places and cause light source waste. The new lighting technology combines lighting with the building itself to achieve the goal of saving energy and beautifying the city through a highly integrated design. The so-called integrated design of lighting and architecture is to place the light source inside the building. "If you go to the Expo Cultural Center, you will find yourself in the view of 'seeing the light,' because the LED lights are hidden by the window."

As the core area of ​​the Expo Park, “One Axis and Four Pavilions” is the focus of night lighting design. “The lighting of the Expo Axis is the perfect combination of lighting technology such as LED and high-efficiency light source and its architectural art.” Hao Luoxi introduced that the six “drums” of the Expo Axis collect sunlight during the day and direct the light into the ground. The lighting at night relies mainly on LED lights and high pressure gas discharge lamps. The Expo Axis building itself has a unique membrane structure. Metal halide lamps are installed on the auxiliary house surface on the 10-meter platform. These lights are projected onto the membrane structure. The latter passes 80% of the reflection, and the entire Expo axis is pedestrianized. The trail gets enough light. At the root of the membrane structure, there is a circle of full-color LED lights. It is these LED lights that make the blossoming "drums" unpredictable, and the brightness and color are ever-changing.

If you come to the Expo Cultural Center, you must not miss the light and shadow art screen of the digital media interface of the VIP entrance and the entrance of the audience at the entrance hall of the west and south. Hao Luoxi first revealed the media art screen of the Expo Cultural Center. Two LED light and shadow art screens were carefully produced by Tongji teachers and students for one year. The art screen is composed of three parts: low-pixel LED, intermediate medium and bearing surface, which breaks through the traditional form of LED direct plug-in. The most amazing thing is that they use a special way of environmental protection - the medium is black and white garbage bags and tinplate. On the VIP entrance art screen, the magnificent and complex roses show the theme of “blooming”. At the entrance of the general audience, it creates a dreamy oriental sentiment. Hao Luxi revealed that the art screen is called "The Dream of the East."

“We will not show the lighting alone, but integrate the technological achievements and means of all artificial lighting in human history into a part of urban lighting and also as part of the technology display. We are not showing a certain technology, but It is this city." Hao Luoxi said.

There are "Tao" tours: three landscape axes to see the night scene

"One face during the day and one face at night." Hao Luoxi said with a smile, under the decoration of the LED, the more "night" the Expo site will be more beautiful.

LED lighting, let Shanghai in the night shine. What should I see at the Expo night scene? As the "visual director" of the park's night scene, Hao Luoxi recruited the audience.

“You can visit the night view of the Expo along three axes.” According to Hao Luoxi, the night view of the Expo site mainly includes the Expo Axis, elevated walkway, riverside green belt, China Pavilion, theme pavilion, Expo Center, Performing Arts Center, Harmony Tower and Future Pavilion, and Civilization. Pavilions, important corporate pavilions, celebration plazas, major entrances and exits, urban best practice areas, etc. The night scenes of these parks will form three major landscape axes: one is the natural landscape axis, the Huangpu River, and its open river surface naturally becomes the best place for viewing. The landscape on both sides of the river is reflected by the river and is a magnificent landscape; The second is the Expo Axis, which has the most abundant landscape axis along the Pudong Park; the third is the elevated walkway in the park, which crosses the main national pavilion of Pudong, connecting several main entrances and exits, and has become one of the important landscape axes.

The audience can watch the night view of the Expo along three axes: take a ferry from Pudong to Puxi along the river. At this time, the scenery of each venue is in front of you; or look out from the 10m platform of the Expo Axis, and change the perspective to gain different scenery; or along the elevated Seeing the night view on the trail, "this is similar to the 'step-and-shift' in Chinese garden art."

Talking about the more protagonist of Shanghai, the more beautiful the star, the LED lights, Hao Luoxi said that its prospects are broad. Although compared to existing energy-saving lamps, LEDs "energy saving is not expensive." However, as the scale of the industry expands, the price of LED lights will gradually decline. "In the next few years, LEDs will be at the same level as current energy-saving lamps and gradually replace traditional light sources." LED will be widely used in personalized design, daily home, construction industry and medical care, etc. due to its energy saving and environmental protection advantages. Hao Luosi believes: "It represents the future direction of urban lighting."

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