The smart control center of the living room fluorite Beckham R2 video box debuted on March 26th

Zhejiang 2015-03-24 (China Business Telecommunications) - The video box market has always been prosperous. In recent days, the official leader of the Internet smart video fluorite announced that the "fluorite Beckham" R2 smart video box will be March 26. 10:00 Fluorite Mall starting, priced at 299 yuan.
Internal and external high-tech beauty box

The fluorite Beckham R2 video box features an all-white appearance, small and exquisite, continuing the simple style of the previous first-generation R1 box. The overall thickness of only 27.3mm, the thinnest only less than 5mm, the overall weight of the box is less than 200 grams, light and without losing texture.
With a small appearance, the hardware is very powerful. The reporter learned that the fluorite Beckham R2 uses Hass Hi3798M professional quad-core chip, with quad-core 1.5GHz CPU + quad-core Mali450 GPU, integrating the world's leading lmprex image optimization engine, the screen output is more vivid and beautiful. 1GB of DDR3 memory is enough to handle multi-tasking processing, using 4GB eMMC flash, mainstream configuration, fully meet the user's needs. At the same time equipped with Android 4.4 latest system, fully compatible with all kinds of video applications.

4K Ultra HD Resolution + H.265 Hard Decoding High Quality Online Video Library

It is understood that Ruby Beckham R2 output resolution reached 38,402,160, the so-called 4K resolution, can be a perfect solution to 4K video, as long as the TV with a 4K output resolution, you can perfectly present super high-definition video. At the same time this box also supports H.265 video format to play clearer video with less bandwidth.

As a video box, playing a clear video is its main function, online content, fluorite Beckham R2 integrated BesTV broadcast control platform. As one of the seven OTT licensees in China, BesTV has a powerful video content library with the largest number of content reserves in the industry. It possesses massive TV-based copyright content and provides over 500,000 hours of exciting video and on-demand content. It is reported that the software content will cooperate with sofa housekeepers and other users to provide users with high-quality television applications.

Smart Hub will watch the home video box

According to the fluorite product manager, the fluorite Beckham R2 intelligent video box not only has the function of an ordinary video box, but also supports wireless connection of fluorite magnetometer, smoke detectors, infrared detectors and fluorite network cameras, and entertainment at the same time Watching a child at home is still the first case in a video box product. The same price can provide more features.

Through the video box as the main terminal, connect other fluorite smart home products, so that it can bring more perfect entertainment and home enjoyment. Zhongguancun Online commented on Fluorite Beckham R2: “At the same time as satisfying entertainment projects such as movies and games, it also integrates the functions of the home smart control hub. Therefore, the video box named after the housekeeper will be named. The box became a home gateway and became the intelligent control center for home security products."

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