Car anti-theft "artifact": iris scanning technology


In the United States, every car will be stolen every 45 seconds, but thanks to the application of advanced technology, the incidence of such crimes is actually showing a downward trend. Now the latest iris scanning technology further ensures vehicle safety and reduces the probability of vehicle theft.

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By using iris scanning technology, those who are guilty of crime will no longer be able to steal other people's vehicles. Every time the driver enters the vehicle, it is authenticated. If you are not an authorized driver, the vehicle will not start. EyeLock from New York has developed a small infrared camera and technology that can scan the iris of the human eye. Only when the iris matches the stored driver information, can you start the vehicle and drive away.

The probability that the car thief and the owner's iris structure are the same is only one in a trillion, so there is almost no theoretical possibility of theft of the vehicle. Perhaps a car thief can only steal someone else's vehicle if he changes the driver information stored in the vehicle. The driver's eyeball detection system is also an important means to improve the intelligence of the vehicle, allowing the driver to focus on the road.

1. 30V low-voltage Bldc motor control system that safe and reliable.
2. Digital sensor system of boom arm position, the speed of lifting and falling can be programmed.
3. Set by mobile phone APP via bluetooth module.
4. It has multiple operation running modes, such as single time, fleet and queue.
5. Not dead Angle of the falling boom, can manually lifting the boom after power failure.
6. Automatically alarms when someone maliciously lift the boom.
7. With two current output interfaces, it is convenient to access external devices such as traffic lights.
8. Multiple input interfaces,it is convenient to connect with Electronic Toll Collection System,
monitoring and other systems.
9.Support ground sensor, radar and other Vehicle Loop Detector.

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