Report: Samsung Will Capture 72% of AMOLED Market in 2020

Report: Samsung will account for 72% of AMOLED market from Baidu VR in 2020

According to the “2017 OLED Display Panel Annual Report” published by Ubi Research, the smart phone AMOLED panel market will reach approximately 5.7 million US dollars in 2020. Among them, Samsung Display takes up 72% of the market.

The smart phone AMOLED panel market in 2017 will achieve strong growth due to the demand of China's IQ mobile phone manufacturers and the promotion of Apple's iPhone orders.

To this end, Samsung Display has been investing heavily in flexible AMOLED panel production lines since 2016 to meet growing demand. At the same time, panel makers in China and Japan, as well as South Korea’s LG Display, are actively deploying production lines. It is expected that the AMOLED panel market will be further developed.

Even if other manufacturers can start mass production after 2018, Samsung Display can still occupy more than 70% of the market share. Because Samsung Display will continue its efforts to maintain its leading position through high quality products and active investment.

At the same time, the "2017 OLED Display Panel Annual Report" also describes the changes in the supply chain in the OLED industry, the latest trends of major panel makers and investment, as well as the application trends of AMOLED panels and the production capacity of OLED panels. Analyze the market prospects in 2021 and the 2011 AMOLED panel market performance to help companies understand the market in depth. ?

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