Hengtong Optical Network "mini reliable optical splitter" won the high-tech product certification

Recently, Hengtong Communication Industry Group Jiangsu Hengtong Optical Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hengtong Optical Network”) has obtained the high-tech product certification issued by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.
Hengtong Optical Network "mini reliable optical splitter" won the high-tech product certification

Hengtong Optical Network's mini-reliable optical splitter R&D project not only masters the development of the mini-cassette feature technology, but also utilizes the surface area of ​​the second side wall of the box body by uniquely and effectively, and places a large number of channels in a limited space. The optical path output hole has the beneficial effects of reliable packaging, reasonable structure and simple operation. Under the requirement that the performance index is not lower than the current traditional requirements, the manufacturing cost is reduced by more than 10%, and the utilization rate of the engineering application space is increased by 40%.

From the current stage of market development and future demand development, the conventional standard PLC optical splitter will become the main force of the PON market. There is no denying the special requirements. The mini-type optical splitter will also be widely used in various optical fiber distribution frames and optical handover. In the box. Because it adopts a unique design requirement form, it saves space, and can provide different forms of output port, and adds more wiring branches. It has the characteristics of digitalization, networking, broadband, miniaturization and maintenance. It is the focus of future market demand.

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