How does Intel's new patent make a two-in-one notebook bend?

[Abstract] If you need to use a laptop outside of any desk in an airplane, car, etc., the bent bottom design of this notebook is absolutely perfect for putting on the leg.

Tencent Digital (Compiler: Bear) A few days ago, a patent exposure of Intel Corporation attracted the attention of many people in the industry. According to a source, Intel Corporation obtained a patent in November last year. Its content is "an electronic device equipped with a removable curved display," in short, a two-in-one laptop with a curved display. .

From the public photos of this exposure, the most eye-catching people should be "FIG 9". Unlike traditional flat laptops, the bottom of the laptop that was exposed in this Intel patent is also curved.

Although Intel’s patents may look a bit daunting, but we might as well boldly imagine: If you need to use laptops in any place other than the desks of airplanes, cars, etc., the bent bottom design of this notebook is absolutely very suitable for On the legs, it should be favored by many consumers.

At present, only the Intel company has been granted access to this patent. As for the specific time-to-market, it also requires patience.

Source: thenextweb

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