What are the features in the projector really useful?

With the rapid development of the projector industry in recent years, there has been a tremendous breakthrough in performance and functionality. The hardware properties of products from different vendors are getting closer and closer, and homogeneity is becoming increas

46-inch price of 7500! Samsung Celebrity TV C530 first test

1 Samsung LA46C530F1R First Test Back Test Top


Every year in March and April is the period when new Samsung LCD TVs are listed. Although Samsung did not hold a new conference this year, some new LCD TVs have been list

Teach you to recognize OLED, ULED, QLED, GLED

I don't know when it started, LCD TVs gradually unified the TV circle. In the past, the scenes of various TVs in the store were not seen. However, if you think that choosing a TV now will not be so entangled, then it is a big mistake.

Nowadays, the various

Do you know a few representative of domestic VR chip manufacturers?

As a hot technology, virtual reality has developed in recent years. There are many “cross-domain” enterprises in the field of VR chips, such as MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung, etc. Manufacturers.

Rockchip Micro Rockchip

Rockchip Micro Rockchip introdu