Harbin Medical University First Hospital Electric Power Monitoring System

Abstract: This article introduces an automatic alarm system based on Acrel-3000 power monitoring software and power monitoring instruments, designed and implemented a set of decentralized collection and centralized control management. The system realizes remote and precise alarms in time

The difference between laser and inkjet

The difference between laser printer and ink printer

    1. Anti-counterfeiting effect

Laser printer can make marks directly imprinted <

Mobile health opportunities and risks

2014 CES showed us a variety of health medical equipment, indicating that the Internet of Things era is coming. Technology giant Google's acquisition of Nest and Android Wear's open platform for health data monitoring has pushed the industry's boom to a cli

A design scheme of high speed image data acquisition board

1 Overview

With the rapid development of image processing technology, image acquisition and processing systems are becoming more and more widely used in improving the automation level of industrial production. Combining the needs of front-end i

SPI FLASH-based FPGA multi-configuration

The scale of modern hardware design is gradually increasing, and the function of a single program is more and more complicated. When multiple complex programs are integrated into one FPGA, the FPGA control module is caused by the conflict of data channels and occupied