Poor Ultra Wide Angle: M43 Micro Single Cheap Wide Angle Solution

Previous article About the E-PL6's sun list Almost a year ago: from OLYMPUS Olympus cookies and big eyes - E-PL6 twin lens kit , this article can be regarded as a sequel to the previous single.



I prefer to write low-key dry goods, hoping to help more value for photography entry.

A little white trouble

For the Olympus 14-42EZ this original set of heads, experience with the Nikon and Canon entry-level machine 18-55mm feel about the same. The only advantage is that it is portable and the picture quality is more general. The 14-42EZ is smaller than the 14-42R.

Extremely not recommended to buy Olympus 14-42R lens, the disadvantage is the bulk, resistance (gan) poor, the effect is very general.

If you have been in contact with the camera for a long time, what you should know is "equivalent focal length" . The conversion factor of m43 for full frame is 2, the conversion coefficient of C pair for full frame is about 1.5, and it is also often said that the bottom of m43 is too small.

The equivalent focal length of 14-42mm is 28-84mm. In fact, the 28mm focal length is used most of the time. Moreover, because this is not a constant-aperture lens, most of the time, the 14-end can maintain a large aperture and sharpness. In the actual use of the situation, use very uncomfortable.

For example, the photo below

The first feeling is whether it was taken by a mobile phone? ? ? How is not enough atmosphere?

The second feeling is whether it was taken by a mobile phone? ? ? How not clear enough!

The third feeling is whether it was taken by a mobile phone? ? ? Quality is so meat! ?


Followed by mixed forums, to find information ... even Aunt Zhang all the relevant M43 information has been read several times.

Finally found the problem - this shot is fleshy and the aperture is too small.

Also, I am a scenic party

If you are taking landscapes, you must use an ultra-wide-angle lens, which is equivalent to a focal length ≤ 24mm lens.

So the widest angle of the lens you are looking for is 12mm or less.

At the same time, a new problem was discovered -

Two white tangled

First of all, see the professional ultra-wide angle, similar to full-frame 16-35mm this kind of lens, the price is really not cheap for the white people, and the focal length is limited to ultra-wide angle, practicality has declined. The most troublesome thing is that it needs to be corrected with software later, and it is not practical, so it can only be abandoned.

Later found these more practical lens:

Head of GM1: Panasonic Lumix G 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6

The actual focal length is 12-32mm aperture F3.5-5.6. The full-frame equivalent focal length at the 12mm end is a 24mm wide angle, making it the cheapest 12mm head.

However, the fuselage purple edge and distortion of Olympus are more serious. Panasonic machines generally have purple-fringe corrections, but Olympus does not seem to have it, so it is not considered.

Olympus 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ

Hanging lens, very large. The picture quality is very general and there is a macro. However, the aperture is relatively small and the ability to blur is poor. Disassemble the lens price is about 1000.

Panasonic 12-35mm/f2.8 & Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8

The status of these two is, for example, 24-70mm F2.8 in Canon's big three yuan. The selling point is a constant large aperture of 2.8. The disadvantage is that it is too expensive! ! !


Is it really no solution?

At this moment there has been an impulse to change the door! ! !

Later I learned that there is a thing called the wide -angle converter ( Panasonic Panasonic DMW-GWC1 Wide-angle Converter)

At this point, there is a magical shot coming into view.


The 14 cakes were originally thrown over and the aperture was only F2.5.

(The focal length is very awkward, the aperture is not small enough, people do not tear apart)

However, she met her, a big-eyed girl.

She allowed him to completely change.

They would not have met each other and there would be no cross in their lives.

Until some hands-on "Red Niggies"

She is ECU1.


Comes with lens package

Big eyes of mushroom cool

2 more effects, 14 shots

She was originally a Sony Ericsson E16, E20's child supporter (someone commented E16 E20 these two lenses is not perfect, but after adding a wide-angle attached mirror, the color becomes better, and the effect of 14 cake transfer is more than Panasonic DMW-GWC1 The best news is that she has a sister ECF1 (fisheye lens), and the better news is that she also has a little sister ECU2 (in fact, an upgraded version of ECU1 that looks completely black).

Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH, nickname 14 cake

Looks pretty good.

As for how these two lenses are combined, this must be done with adapter rings. This is where the pits are compared. ECU 1 and 14 cakes can actually be combined directly. However, it is unstable and easy to loosen. Some people even permanently fix the two lenses with hot melt glue. At the moment, somebody DIY out this adapter ring, but the price is very expensive.

Combination photos - Olympus body, Panasonic lens, Sony wide-angle teleconverter

After the fit is still very harmonious, especially the color. Because my body is silver and black, 14 cakes are gray and black, ecu1 is silver and black, but the color deployment of each family is still a little different.

With her big eyes, she finally said that this is not a digital camera.

Sony + Panasonic + Olympus = Sony + Panasonic + Olympus = Panasopus?

The following figure is the effect picture with the Sony camera lens. Is it more harmonious than the three-in-one hybrid?

Three practical (sun) fruit (Figure) test

The following picture is 14 cakes or 14 cakes + ECU1

1 Focus & Distortion

The biggest advantage of the 14mm F2.5 is that the sharpness and resolution are much better than the 14mm end of 14-42mm EZ. Since ECU1 is a lens for APS-C format, there is no black border problem. It is also because the sharpness of the center of 14mm F2.5 is high, and the image quality after transfer does not drop significantly .

After all, this Panasonic lens was designed by Panasonic for its own lens, and many netizens said that Panasonic's focusing speed is faster than that of Obama. The biggest feature is that the distortion is very small.

Because of the focal length problem, the ultra-wide angle and the 14mm end are not suitable for taking flowers and plants, so I still have 14-42EZ (followed by the welfare). Super wide-angle shooting is really painful.

2 Sharpness & Detail

Below is a picture of a cat. The sharpness after zooming in is still good. The aperture has less full purple fringing. There are still slight signs of deterioration in the four corners of the picture.

Focus on the feet

100% zoomed in screenshot

Focus on the face

100% zoomed in screenshot

3 color: personal feel that the body of OBA transferred to the Panasonic lens, the color than the Ouba own lens color more accurate, plus Sony's ECU1 color is very comfortable.

Personally think that Olympus's tuning is too warm, 14-42EZ portrait portrait face too red, shoot sister's words ... ... do not say, are tears ... E-PL6 Panasonic 14 Cake color is not so "warm", plus the Sony ECU1 color more comfortable.

Shenzhen Majushan Peak, heading towards Dameisha

Like praise Ma Yi Shan, good scenery, air level stick (the top of the mountain completely no cell phone signal). It is estimated that this is the so-called facing the sea, spring flowers.

Backlight photo (iso100), the middle of the ship is clearly visible. At this time, other people's mobile phones are whizzing. The following are JPG straight out, no value has been adjusted.

Shenzhen Maritime World Minghua ( all JPG straight out, no later period)

A photo shot of a casual travel to Hunan

Live with the beat

4 night scene

Many people say that it's better to buy a micro-phone than to buy a micro-phone, but when the phone shoots a night view, it directly reveals the stuffing. As long as they are willing to use a tripod, E-PL6's ability to shoot night scenes is not weaker than APS-C's micro-single or SLR, and noise is also very small. (If you like it, I can continue to write a sequel about the related accessories.)

The wide-angle + fixed-focus lens compensates for the congenital deficiency of this m4/3 cmos

North Ring Road under slow shutter

Shenzhen Bay Bridge & Mangrove Sunset

Cocopark night view

These two shots were taken with the camera on the rails. The aperture was set to F11 and the iso was 200.

5 disadvantages

Glare: The anti-glare capability of the lens is relatively poor. This is the most troublesome thing. Whether 14 cakes or ECU 1's anti-glare capabilities are relatively poor.

Volume: It's much larger and not as compact as it used to.

Clean, into the ash: because it is a light bulb head, ECU1 really eat gray, need to be cleaned often, plus due to structural problems, can not install UV mirrors and filters. The most troublesome thing is lending the camera to others. The lenses are all fingerprints...

Vignette: There are dark corners when the aperture is fully open, but it is not obvious. Vignetting results in deterioration of edge quality, but actual results are acceptable.

Price: The new price is not cheap. At present, it is only a good deal to use it, but it is not easy to find. Adapter rings are needed and the price is not cheap.

Four postscripts

The beginning of entry m43 still regrets, deeply experienced the helplessness brought by the small bottom, and can not be used as a real professional work machine. What is most depressing is the lack of Canon and Nikon's 50mm F1.8 super-cheap lenses.

Of course, the essence of the m43 lies in its compact, fixed-focus lens, which is far superior to mobile phones in terms of portability, handling performance, and imaging integration. However, the limitations of the fixed-focus lens are very large, and it is not suitable for changing the lens in some harsh outdoor environments. The main reason is that frequently changing the lens will cause the CMOS to get into dust. (So ​​you will see people playing m43 with 2 cameras, one for landscapes , and the other for portraits.)

Moreover, the m43's zoom lens is not really cheap at all. The zoom lens worth buying is actually Olympus' 12-40mm F2.8 and Panasonic's 12-35mm F2.8. More comfortable body, can fully meet the daily life record.

Recently, we have been watching for suitable portrait lenses, such as Panasonic's Lumix G 20mm/F1.7 Panasonic 25mm F1.7 lenses. Because I do not intend to continue to burn money on this platform, I think the final destination should be full-frame.

The last benefit, which is why the 14-42EZ lens is still preserved.

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