Nikon D5100 (with 18-55mm lens)

Recommended products: Nikon D5100 (with 18-55mm lens)
Reference price: 5180 yuan features: digital filters, high-definition video Nikon D5100 Nikon's latest entry SLR camera, the same as the previous generation, to rotate the screen as a selling point, and follow the many technical points in the mid-side SLR D7000, the new digital Filter function is more suitable for entry users to play, the current price is reasonable, making the Nikon D5100 has a good price.
The Nikon D5100 follows the 16.20-megapixel APS-C format sensor on the D7000, and adds a special effect mode. Instead, the full-body hinged flip screen structure used on the D5000 is replaced by a side-opening flip screen structure. And to upgrade the LCD screen to 3 inches 920,000 pixels, do not have to endure 230,000-pixel low-resolution display effects like the D5000. The body has become more compact, with a body weight of 510g and a size of 128x97x79mm, apparently once again for lightweight design for entry users.
Nikon D5100 switch to the side-open flip screen, in the design does not have much of its own characteristics, using the mainstream flip screen opening and closing methods to help more people quickly get started, but also changed the Nikon has been the key set , Miniaturized body settings make this operation easier, but at the expense of feel.
Brand: Nikon Series: Nikon D5100 Series Model: D5100 (with 18-55mm lens)
Effective pixels: 16.2 million pixels Sensor size: 23.6 × 15.6mm
Anti-shake feature: support lens stabilization ISO sensitivity: automatic, 100,6400,25600, ISO 100 to 6400 to 1/3 EV step length adjustment, can be set to 0.3,0.7,1 or 2EV step length adjustment School (equivalent to ISO 25600), higher than ISO 6400, with automatic ISO sensitivity control, night vision mode: 102400
Macro: 28cm
LCD screen size: 3.0 inches Additional features: face recognition, smile recognition, GPS

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