Analog IC plant may set off a new round of price war

Texas Instruments (TI), the world's first 12-inch analog IC fab, will be mass-produced in the first quarter of next year, including low- and mid-range analog ICs. Chen Jiancun, general manager of Texas Instruments of Texas Instruments, said yesterday (16th) that the price will be very competitive at that time and it will impact domestic analog IC groups. However, Li Ye (6286) and Zhixin (8081) have all moved from 6-inch wafers to 8-inch wafers and are fully engaged.

Texas Instruments is the world's largest analog IC factory with a global market share of 14%. Chen Jiancun said that although 14% is already the leader, there is still room for significant improvement. Although the analog market is weaker in the second half of this year than in the first half of the year, the customer's orders are still more than 10% of the production capacity. The company will start expanding production to meet customer needs and improve. Market share.

Texas Instruments, Texas-based fab, code-named "RFAB," is the world's first 12-inch analog IC fab. This year, it acquired 12-inch wafer fabs from Qimonda Corp. Doubled, this fab will invest in high-end products such as smart phones, Netbooks, and telecommunications.

Chen Jincun said that after the mass production of RFAB in the next quarter, it will bring about $2 billion in revenue a year, equivalent to NT$60 billion, which exceeds the size of domestic analog IC companies such as Tingyi, Zhixin, Hongke and Maoda. Total revenue, price pressures are rampant.

According to Vice President Zhang Guocheng, in general, if new products are to be pushed in the first half of next year, cooperation should be negotiated. So far, the market has not seen much movement. The impact of the plant will not be much affected by the first half of next year.

The new general manager, Wu Jinchuan, further pointed out that Texas Instruments' 12-inch analog IC plant may be a fraud because many people at the 12-inch Texas Instruments plant have been transferred from the digital IC department. The actual production of analog ICs has a limited proportion and actual impact. Should be limited. However, in the face of the expansion of international analog IC manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Maxim, and ON Semiconductor, domestic analog IC companies are still waiting to be implemented, and they are accelerating the transition from 6-inch wafers to 8-inch wafers.

Zhang Guocheng said that at present, the TV panels and some portable mobile devices of Liye have already adopted 8 wafers. In addition, most of the newly introduced chip products are also directly imported into 8-inch wafers. However, the actual progress depends on the sales of design-inputted product terminals. It is estimated that by the end of next year, 8 wafers will account for the total shipments. Opportunities reach 20% to 30%.

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