Analysis of basic knowledge about fiber transceiver

Optical fiber transceiver is an indispensable device in network data transmission. So what is an optical fiber transceiver? What are the components of an optical fiber transceiver? What role does the optical fiber transceiver play in the data transmission process?

Talking about the deep ear and shallow ear headphones

What is deep ear, what is shallow ear? At present, there is no standard yet. Personal opinion is that all catheters + earmuffs belong to the deep ear, otherwise they belong to the shallow ear. (As shown below)

LTE chip and terminal test

1 Introduction

Test instruments and test systems are important links in the TD-LTE industry chain. At present, the demand for TD-LTE test instruments has covered all stages of the entire industry chain.

2 R & S LTE test solution

Rohde &

Internet-based remote monitoring system for touch screen database

0 Preface

Network communication technology has changed people's lives, and is also changing every aspect of industrial automation. Therefore, the General Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association clearly

Research on Communication Technology Based on Windows CE

1. Introduction to Windows CE Communication

Windows CE is an operating system for mobile computing and embedded applications. Its outstanding advantages are modularity, customization, completeness, real-time performance, powerful communication functions, and Wi

HDwire replaces LVDS technology

The evolution of TV technology

John Logie Baird first demonstrated the transmission of action images in 1925. This breakthrough development was recognized as the first true display of television. Over the next few decades, this system will undo

Measures to improve listening effect of tube amplifier

Even if there are astronomical test data, it may not necessarily have an ideal listening effect. This phenomenon is sufficient to prove that the test items and test levels of audio amplifiers are far from the current requirements. In terms of the current brand amps wit

GPS navigation system based on Google Earth

1 Introduction

Google Earth software from Google in recent years is a very good satellite map service software. It provides free satellite maps with high accuracy. The areas in most areas are relatively clear, especially the photos of various cities, which can

Classification of additional devices for digital TV set-top boxes

Digital TV set-top box attachments, also known as set-top box companions, or digital TV companions, are also referred to as set-top box audio and video distributors.

Its function is to extend the function of a digital TV set-top box or other machines suc

Self-made audio signal detection circuit

The audio signal detector introduced here is the audio signal injection / tracker. It can be used to overhaul audio equipment such as video disc players, radios, amplifiers, recorders, CD players, VCDs, DVD players, as well as overhaul the audio circuits of tele

EZ-USB FX2 realizes the image acquisition system

Due to the large amount of data collected by the image acquisition system and the high bandwidth requirements, the previous image acquisition system is usually implemented using the PCI bus. However, the number of PCI interfaces configured by the computer itself is ver