Veeco acquires synos technology company to launch OLED field

Recently, Veeco announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire privately held synos technology company (synos). Synos ​​designs and manufactures Fast Scanning Atomic Layer Deposition (FAST-ALDTM), a production system for flexible O

Temperature sensor thermal inertia error

Temperature sensor thermal inertia error The temperature sensor is mainly based on the internal thermal resistance or thermocouple temperature measurement. Sometimes we will hear that the t

A parallel resonant inverter power supply design


In the industrial industries of metal melting, bending, hot forging, welding and surface heat treatment, induction heating technology is widely used. Induction heating is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It uses the

Redick and Edison plan to enter the LED direct backlight market

The direct-light backlight secondary optical lens of the 22mm and 30mm standard ODs produced by the secondary optical lens manufacturer LEDLink has passed the Edison direct-lit backlight certification. The certified optical lens can also be used for p

Finland launches Europe's most energy-efficient LED lamps

Recently, Finland's Greenled Company launched an indoor LED luminaire, which is the highest in the European market. According to the company, this indoor luminaire called ECO E is the first product to receive the highest level of energy-saving A++

Hardware Design of Intelligent Tracking Car Based on Laser Diode

Abstract A design method of intelligent tracking model vehicle hardware system based on infrared laser diode is introduced. The system uses MC9S12XS128 as the control core, adopts infrared laser diode and infrared receiving sensor to collect path information, and uses the MC33886 c