The future 10kV distribution network structure will adapt to economic and social development and smart grid development

On August 4, the National Grid Research and Development Major Technology Research Project “Research on the structure and economic reliability of the 10 kV distribution network grid” passed the acceptance of the company. Experts believe that the research results of this project have important guiding significance and greater promotion value for the development of urban distribution networks.

The project uses the minimum cut-set method for the first time on the basis of a comprehensive system analysis of the 10 kilovolt distribution grid structure and reliability economics of 30 key cities in the company’s operating area, and in-depth comparison with distribution networks of typical cities abroad. The life cycle cost analysis method establishes a mathematical model for the reliability and economic analysis of the 10 kV distribution network grid structure, and analyzes and calculates the reliability and economy of the typical regional grid structure, and quantitatively analyzes the line load ratio. , equipment level and the impact of distribution automation, live working, and status overhaul on the reliability and economics of the target grid; using reliability-based distribution network planning methods, with reliability as the goal, and economy as the constraint, for the first time The idea, flow and method of the target grid of the medium voltage distribution network were proposed, as well as the target grid structure of the 10 kV urban distribution network adapted to the requirements of economic and social development and smart grid construction. The principle of the transition of the target network rack corresponding to different load densities and the transformation of the target network rack for different grid development phases, and the principle of construction and transformation of the urban distribution network grid are defined.

This project was organized by the company's production technology department in Beijing, Shandong, and Jiangsu, as well as the China Electric Power Research Institute and the State Grid Beijing Economic and Technical Research Institute.

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