Lighting design of Dandong Yalu River Bridge

Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Awards Judging Results (Outdoor/Bridge, Road) Second Prize

Project Name: Lighting Design of Dandong Yalu River Bridge

Declaration unit: Liaoning Provincial Decoration Engineering Corporation

Project Description

The Dandong Yalu River Bridge spans the Yalu River on the Chinese boundary river and is an international railway bridge used by China and the DPRK. It was built in April 1937. The entire bridge is made of steel, with a total length of 943 meters, the middle section of the bridge is 565 meters long, and the bridge section is 378 meters long. In the 1950 war against the United States and aiding the world, the Chinese People’s Volunteers, in order to protect the country and defend the country, passed the bridge and were arrogant and crossed the Yalu River.

In order to further beautify the city, enhance the international image of the border town of the motherland, and make the Yalu River Bridge a landmark lighting landscape in Dandong City, in April 2008, the Dandong Municipal Government approved the overall lighting of the bridge with the approval of the relevant state departments. The project will be rebuilt, and the North Korean section will be included in this project transformation. The entire investment will be borne by the Chinese side. The Dandong Municipal Government entrusted the Dandong Urban and Rural Construction Committee to issue an open competitive bidding announcement for the “Design and Construction of the Lighting and Lighting Project of the Yalu River Bridge” for the whole society. In the fierce bidding competition with the strong lighting design and construction units in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other countries, the lighting design of the bridge of our unit-Liaoning Decoration Engineering Corporation (Liaoning Decoration Engineering Design Institute) won the bid.

The overall lighting project of the bridge lighting was carried out in two phases. The first phase of the project started in July 2009 and was completed in September with an investment of 6 million RMB. The main lighting contents are: floodlighting of bridge piers and X-shaped steel beams on both sides of the bridge. The dynamic lighting rendering of the high-power LED flooding dyeing lamp, the floodlighting of the four-slope oblique cantilever beam on the middle side of the bridge. The second phase of the project was constructed in October 2009 and completed in December. The project cost is 4.67 million yuan. The main lighting content: the special three-color LED digital strip screen light is used to carry out the outline of the bridge.

Since the Yalu River Bridge belongs to the International Weijing Bridge, according to the requirements of both China and North Korea, in the construction of lighting projects, it cannot affect the normal international transportation of railways and highways. The lighting effect, construction quality, construction progress of the project, especially Construction safety is very strict. Considering the many factors such as on-site construction and management, the head office decided to organize the construction by the head office of Dandong Branch-Dandong Liaozhuang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., as the general manager of the lighting design of the project and the general commander of the on-site construction technology. The head office and the design institute have overall responsibility and overall control over the project, and completed the task on time, in a satisfactory and safe manner.

Innovations in lighting design concepts, methods, etc.:

Lighting design concept: 1. Using the floodlighting technology, the color temperature composition of light, and the combination of light and shadow, the majestic momentum of the bridge will be played out. 2. Give full play to the intelligent and controllable generalized performance of LED, and raise the conventional LED dynamic performance to have: dubbing, commentary, and sound stunts. It is like a light show of a TV series. The lamps are our actors, which greatly exceeds The single-performance lighting effect that is only brightened and brightened enhances the fun, creativity, propaganda and education of LED lighting. It also promotes the economic development of the tourism industry and enhances the city's cultural taste and popularity.

The main innovations: 1. This lighting design, bold use of high-power LED projection lamp for the darker metal steel beam color color, and achieve the desired color saturation (light reflectivity) The technical requirements for this LED luminaire are very demanding. 2. Using lamps as our actors to express our design ideas and performance themes, which requires lighting designers to have a comprehensive knowledge of various aspects, including lighting performance, photoelectric principle, intelligent control, music common sense, and literature cultivation. , script writing skills, field experience, etc., this is my first attempt as a design. (no more than 400 Chinese characters)

Energy saving measures in lighting design:

In this lighting design, due to the large use of metal floodlights, the power consumption is large. To ensure the quality factor of the power supply and reduce the reactive power loss of the lamps, all metal floodlights are required to be configured by the manufacturer. Improve the power factor of the luminaire and require that the power factor of the LED luminaire should be >0.98.

In the operation and control of lighting, different lighting effects are operated in different time periods, seasons, holidays and major celebrations, and corresponding lighting work is put into operation to achieve energy saving of the lamps during operation.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture:

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Semi-harvester for Agriculture02

Semi-harvester for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Size: 3650*1800*1820 (mm)

2. Weight: 1480KG

3. Engine Fuel: Diesel

4. Harvest numbers line: 3

5. Harvesting width: 1200 (mm)

6. Cutting height range: 50-150 (mm)

7. Threshing depth control system: Manually

8. Adaptation crop height: 650-1200 (mm)

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Semi-harvester for Agriculture

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