China's frequency inverters gain great development under the fierce impact of the Chinese market

The "9th Inverter Industry Entrepreneur Forum" jointly organized by "Drive World", Guangdong Institute of Automation, Beijing Institute of Power Electronics, China Electronics Industry Association Power Electronics Branch, China Power Supply Association's Variable Frequency Power Supply and Power Transmission Committee in Shenzhen Kirin Villa grand opening. This event, after careful investigation and rigorous review by authoritative media and industry experts combined with netizen voting, selected various awards for the 2011-2012 industry and selected a batch of 15 years for the development of China's inverter industry. Outstanding contribution, dedicated to promoting the development, revitalization, and promotion of China's inverter industry. Representative and influential figures, Pu Chuan Technology Co., Ltd. won the “Top Ten Domestic Brands of Low Voltage Inverters” and Zhang Haijie, Chairman of the Board of Directors, for six consecutive years. "Five-year China's inverter industry (1997 ~ 2012) influential people". In 2012, at the time of the 11th anniversary of Universal Transmission Technology, the acquisition of these two awards was the best recognition and certification of the company's 11-year commitment to industrial automation.

Related links: As the authoritative media for the inverter industry, "Drive World" has been developing the Chinese inverter industry for the past 15 years, and has been actively creating a platform for communication and exchange among all parties in the industry. The "Driver Industry Entrepreneur Forum" has emerged as the times require. Since 2002, the Forum has been successfully held for eight times. Its theme has been continuously innovated and its influence has been expanding. It has also been sponsored by industry authority organizations including the China Electronics Industry Association’s Power Electronics Branch and China Mechatronics Technology Application Association. Become the most authoritative annual event in the industry.

The forum invited the Deputy Director Bai Guanyu of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to explain the policy topic “Thinking about the development of the power electronics industry”. In terms of some policies on bidding for domestic projects, how companies can win in the project bidding will be explained in depth. She also pointed out that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has high expectations for the inverter industry and expects the domestic inverter manufacturers to unite and innovate together to create a brand of inverters that leads China and even covers the world; Deputy Director Sun Honghang of the Department of Energy of the Ministry of Science and Technology introduced the “National "Technology Policy and Energy Industry Development"; Li Chongjian, executive director of China Electrotechnical Society, took the theme of "power electronics, the core technology of modern energy transformation," and focused on the key tasks of wind power technology R&D and new energy generation challenges during the 12th Five-Year Plan period in China. China's power electronics industry has conducted in-depth discussions; Professor Zhou of the School of Electrical Engineering of Zhejiang University introduced the “Development of New Power Electronic Technology in Advanced Energy”; Zhou Xingguang, a researcher at the Ping An Securities Institute, explained “China's inverter industry after capital intervention” "Inverter World" Liu Qiang published "China's inverter market overview and future trends," which said that this year's inverter industry is affected by the country's macroeconomic decline, the scale will reach 28 billion, the growth rate will be less than 20%, but At the same time bring development opportunities: low pressure change As one of the advanced automation equipment and core energy-saving equipment, will benefit from a new round of industrial upgrading and the rise of new industries.

During this period, some entrepreneurial representatives proposed whether civil inverter associations could be established and related regulations and clauses could be formulated to resist the malicious dumping of certain foreign companies and protect the interests of independent enterprises. In response, Mr. Liu Qiang, the editor-in-chief of Drive World, responded. He said, "This idea has already sprouted a few years ago. The development of China's inverter needs the coordination of such an organization. The frequency converter market needs to be regulated by a standard system. However, there is always a gap between the idea and reality. To realize such an idea, all inverter manufacturers need to be united rather than “self-sweeping”, and only in this way can China's inverters achieve great development under the fierce impact of foreign well-known brands entering the Chinese market.

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