The smart road to smart home

Mentioned smart home, many people's brains will automatically retrieve a word "remote control", such as coming home to use the remote control to turn on the heating, to sleep the remote control curtain automatically shut down ... According to today

What is a high precision map? How to apply?

This year, a Tesla MODEL S in the United States opened a car-driven mode, causing a driver's death. This is the first known car accident that has caused death since the application of autonomous driving technology.

Tesla plans to build a "super factory" in Europe

Foreign media reports, Tesla spokesman said that Tesla plans to build a "super factory" in Europe to produce cars and electric vehicle batteries, and will start site selection next year.

According to local media speculation, Tesla may consider France,

MIT Develops New Wireless Communication System MoVR for VR

Wireless capabilities make VR a more viable technology because cables on Oculus and HTC Vive are a heavy burden. To this end, MIT developed a new wireless communication system designed specifically for VR that provides us with a truly immersive VR experience.

In the future, 020 will be the king of smart home hardware

E-commerce has been developing in China for more than 10 years. Various models have been born - B2B, c2c, C2B, Alibaba, and No. 1 stores. The rapid rise of e-commerce groups has made the world see e-commerce in China. Even the miracles created by the world. In