Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED backlight 42? Both HD LCDs come out

brief introduction:
The low energy consumption and environmental protection of LED light sources are valued by more and more display equipment manufacturers. Toshiba FF1A projectors using LED light sources have been introduced, such as LED light sources.

Recently, at the Display Taiwan 2007 conference held in Taipei, Taiwan, CMO exhibited a series of full HD TVs using LED light sources. What are the characteristics of LED light source TVs that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?

42-inch FULL HD TV on display

Ultra-thin body

The 42-inch FULL HD TV on display shows from the above several exhibits. The TV body with LED light source is very thin, and it is very close to the background wall by wall hanging. The TV model exhibited this time is V420H1, which uses MVA panel with resolution of 1920×1080, physical contrast ratio of 2000:1, 16.7M color display, 6.5 millisecond gray-scale response time, various indicators show that this TV Can be regarded as the current mainstream products. From the color of the picture, the clarity and picture performance are also very good, but the exhibitor did not announce the price of this TV.

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