Petite and coexistence LEOPOLD Leopold FC660M mechanical keyboard

It is also almost New Year. Frequent travels can finally come to an end. Each business trip will inevitably include mobile phones, tablets, and mobile power. After starting the tablet. Typing is still not very used. No keyboard typing so fast. Afte

Did Tesla go wrong? Why did Musk build Tesla's energy industry chain?

As a car company, Tesla is putting more and more energy and resources into the construction of the energy system, including the overall industrial chain of solar energy production, storage and consumption. Has Tesla "running off"? Or does Musk put too much en

What does it mean for a small UAV factory to close down?

Those who are concerned about the drone industry should remember one day in May 2015, a drone-like circle of friends called Lily. The biggest feature of this drone is that it can be thrown away anytime and anywhere. This is an explosive reform for the drone industry, w

Tesla: We are creating the future of the world

Artificial intelligence has become a very important topic for this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, because everyone is very curious - how many people's work will artificial intelligence replace?

IBM believes that artificial intelligence is very im

Belief or strength? ---HUAWEI Huawei P9 January Experience

Reasons to purchase

After spending three years in Apple 5C, because of high battery consumption, tight memory, and increasingly poor performance, I decided to switch to a mobile phone because I have been using a fruit machine and I'm used to the IOS syst

One step further perfect Philips 55PUF6481 TV first test

When it comes to taking flight, many people immediately thought of the small home appliances in their homes. This year, no one can turn over a few of them. The quality is a lever, and the key is to use it. When it comes to taking off on Philips TV, many people will imme

Eight questions to be aware of when choosing the correct RF filter

Designers with deep digital electronics knowledge sometimes need to review the RF basics. Among them, the RF filter is used in electronic equipment for high-frequency operation, and is used for a large attenuation of high-frequency interference signals generated by hig

Private home theater common faults and treatment methods

Do you also encounter some failures in the private home theater system? These failures may be caused by negligence or inexperience when installing the connection. Today we list the following common faults in home theater systems and explain them briefly.