Automotive technology and body and power system solutions

With the increasing demand for car comfort and other aspects, the importance of electronic control and power of the body has become increasingly prominent, and more and more cars are beginning to be equipped with high-performance body control systems and advanced manag

Skyworth 55S9:55 inch 4K smart TV recommended

Skyworth 55S9 IPS hard screen smart TV

Once upon a time, the IPS hard screen was one of the hallmarks of high-end smart TVs. Compared to ordinary LED screens, the price was a lot more expensive, but the current high-en

Konka A48U restore factory settings [Photos explained]

Konka A48U Ali cloud super TV how to restore the factory settings? What happens if you accidentally get an error and want to restore the factory settings? The following teach everyone Konka A48U restore factory settings method.

Buy smart TV box six errors!!!

Smart TV boxes play a key role in family life, and the joy in the living room has increased a lot more than ever before, but do you really want to pick out smart TV boxes? Is not to bring an Android system, can watch high-definition online, play games, watch TV live TV

Seoul Viosys and US SETi launch new product MOSCLEAN mosquito trap

Seoul Viosys and US Sensor Electronics Technologies (SETi) jointly launched the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap. Seoul's Viosys says the new mosquito traps capture more than ten times as many mosquitoes as traditional mosquito traps. MOSCLEAN uses SETi's UV led light

Don't know these features? Equal to never used millet TV!

Millet TV has a high degree of attention in the current Internet market. In addition to its hardware configuration, its own MIUI TV system and humanized operating functions have also attracted attention. For millet TV new users, how to use millet TV i