A simple and effective way to reduce EMI of induction cookers

1 Introduction

In the common household appliances, the rice cooker radiation is very weak, and the radiation of the TV and the computer is similar. The electromagnetic oven has the largest amount of radiation, and even the substation radiation that people a

Business News: BrightSide, SloanLED, Ilumisys

Dolby Labs has acquired LED backlight specialist BrightSide, SloanLED has been acquired by Harbour Group, and Altair has launched an LED subsidiary. Dolby acquires Brightside
Dolby Laboratories, a company best known for its acoustic expertise, ha

Taiyuan Electric enters the sales season

Recently, many electrician brands are vigorously engaged in promotional activities, and Bodun Electric is particularly eye-catching. According to Deng Zhenxing, manager of Bodun Electric Shanxi Office, since May, many electrician brands have been

Regulations related to doing business in Germany

There are many regulations involved in investing in Germany. It is impossible for the person in charge of the company to master it. You must ask a lawyer to be a consultant. This can reduce a lot of trouble and unnecessary burden, but this does no