Technology surpasses Toyota? Uncovering Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology

Honda held the "2015 Honda Meeting" at the Honda Institute of Technology Automotive Research and Development Center in October to introduce the new technology being developed to the news media. In addition to the miniaturization technology of the new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and

Application of Intelligent Lighting System in Modern Intelligent Building

With the development of economic construction and the continuous improvement of the material and cultural level of society, people are increasingly pursuing high-quality work and living environment. In the modern intelligent office building, the lighting has far exceeded the ba

Measurement technology for thermal characteristics of LED lamps

The thermal characteristics of LEDs have an important influence on the optical and electrical properties of LEDs. Thermal resistance and junction temperature are the main thermal characteristics of LED2. Thermal resistance refers to the thermal resistance between the PN junction and the surface

Industry conscience? 60 inch millet TV 3 real machine dismantling

The biggest feature of Xiaomi TV 3 is the split design, namely Xiaomi TV host = audio + smart TV motherboard + millet box, the host connects to the screen through a "rice line", and the "rice line" is synthesized by the power line and the signal lin

Millet TV 3 host how to use? How to use it

Millet TV 3 host how to use? Millet TV host is the biggest highlight of the millet TV 3, this seemingly sound is a device with the host function is one of the important split TV millet 3, set TV host, millet box and audio system as one of the millet TV 3 host has What f

EPS design scheme for automotive electric steering control system

The solution is based on Infineon's control chip. The sensor detects the magnitude and direction of the torque or angle generated by the steering wheel during the steering operation, and converts the required information into a digital signal input ECU, which is th

Alarm + Remote Control: Car Alarm Solution

The popularity of automobiles is getting higher and higher, and the safety of cars has attracted more people’s attention. The car alarm is designed for car anti-theft. It is a multi-functional product. It can not only be used for anti-theft alarm, but also can r