TV big class: how to buy Internet TV perfectly

Internet TV: It is a brand-new technology that utilizes a broadband cable TV network and integrates various technologies such as Internet, multimedia, and communication to provide a variety of interactive services including digital TV to home Internet TV users. It can realize massive movie onli

In these cases, the air conditioner is actually not faulty?

Due to the arrival of summer, the use of air conditioners has become more frequent, but in the course of use, many friends always feel that the air conditioner in the home has failed and needs to be repaired. Therefore, from time to time, the air conditioner in the home is always a little wrong

Air conditioning heat sink covers 160,000 bacteria per square centimeter

During the rainy season, the weather was sultry. Many households began to use air conditioners. It seems to have become common sense to clean the filter cover before use. In fact, this is only the first step. The pollution inside the heat sink also needs to be taken seriously. Recently, the â

Negligence brewing big mistakes online shopping LCD TV must pay attention to

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the network, more and more consumers are starting to buy LCD TVs online, because the price of goods is much cheaper on the Internet than buying them in the mall. Although online shopping is convenient, it also contains many drawbacks. In order to all

WiFi-based wireless mesh (Mesh) networking technology

1 Wireless Mesh networking technology

Wireless mesh network (Wireless Mesh Network, WMN) as a new networking technology, in the past two years, quickly attracted industry attention. Similar to the background of many ne