shock! Some washing machines use "black heart" aluminum motors

March and April each year is the most active month for consumers. On the one hand, 3.15 has become a concentrated export of consumer complaints. On the other hand, weather factors such as the rainy season have caused frequent problems in the quality of electrical products. According to statisti

LED electrostatic breakdown principle

LED electrostatic breakdown principle

LEDs based on PN junction structure are inductively charged during the manufacturing, screening, testing, packaging, storage and transportation, and installation and use. If not released in time, the higher voltage developed on the two electrode

Boldly showcase the use of tips to enhance the taste of home improvement

Show your love boldly >>> Your home should show your personality. The decoration style and internal environment of a home can reflect the way the owner of the house communicates emotionally, and can better reflect the personal taste of the owner. In fact, personalized decoration is ver

Frozen tofu, digestive staple food, frozen and then eat to help lose weight

Although it is early autumn, the feeling of hotness is still in the shadows. Many people who buy food from the market are prone to breakage because they are worried about the heat. They are usually stored in the refrigerator. The remaining food is even more so. However, many people think that t

Diet and health: five great tricks to keep you away from sub-health

With the accelerated pace of life, people are less and less engaged in health care, leading to sub-health. Introducing the five major diet tips today, so that you can stay away from sub-health in the most relaxed and convenient way. Symptom 1: The main reason for excessive stress: Vitamin B and